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    Field Day: June 16, 2017!

    Field Day is an event unto itself.

    It starts with lunch — an outside BBQ — a little earlier than usual so we have time for our Activity Stations. Activity Stations are 2 hours of pure energy, as classes rotate through 19 stations, each lasting 5 to 7 minutes. All together, Field Day is organized mayhem and chaotic fun, hopefully with a minimum number of injuries and exhausted meltdowns. 

    This year, Whittier is celebrating COLORS* on Field Day - every class has chosen a color to wear (see below).

    * * * * * Volunteers Needed * * * * * 
    With a BBQ lunch to orchestrate, 19 Activity Stations, and 460 students to wrangle, this is an all-hands-on-deck event — we'll need many (75!) volunteers to make it happen. Lunch prep volunteers are needed at 8:45am; lunch servers are needed at 9:30am; and activity/station volunteers are asked to come to the gym at 11:05am for a Field Day 101 wiki-course.

    All volunteers are encouraged to wear the colors of their Wildcat(s). Old hands or new, everyone is welcome. Sign up and/or learn more here!

    Get Ready for Field Day FUN!

    Note: Spirit Gear will be available for sale during Field Day and after school on Friday, June 16.  All proceeds benefit our Whittier PTA.

    *Field Day Colors:
    101- pink
    102- red
    201- red
    202- red
    204- red
    206- orange
    207- burgundy
    208- black
    209- green
    210- Sounders green
    211- grey
    212- blue
    213- gold
    214- navy blue
    302- yellow
    303- light blue
    304- tye dye
    306- purple
    307- white
    Office- Rainbow for all classes