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    Fall Carnival Tips for New Families

    Fall Carnival, our school’s biggest event, can be a little intimidating for students new to Whittier — especially kindergarteners. It’s important to be prepared, so here is some useful information.

    The Crowd
    The Fall Carnival has a huge draw. There will be lines at the more popular attractions and at the food trucks. Also, some costumes may prove frightening to younger guests.

    You will need tickets to play the games. It is advised to purchase tickets in advance to avoid lines the night-of. Tickets are sold in the main hallway before and/or after school Monday through Friday during the week leading up to the carnival.

    The gym, cafeteria, and virtually every first floor hallway will be filled with games. The carnival games are intended for a large array of age groups, and will include some appropriate for kindergarteners. 

    Haunted House
    The haunted house will be on the stage, with entry near the kindergarten hallway. Only the bravest of children should enter the super-scary haunted house. 

    Snacks, candy, and food trucks will be available for you and your family. Dante's Inferno Dogs (credit card and cash), Veraci Pizza (credit card and cash), El Camion (credit card and cash), and Dippin Dots Ice Cream (cash only) will be on site. Food trucks don't accept tickets; bring money to pay for your food.

    You have probably received requests to volunteer at the event. The Fall Carnival’s success depends largely on the help of volunteers. We encourage everyone to volunteer for at least a short while, but parents with younger children might want to consider helping out before or after the event. During the event, you might need to hold that loved little hand and help your child play the games. 

    Have Fun!
    We hope you enjoy our renowned Fall Carnival!