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    Thank You to the 2016-2017 PTA Board Members!
    Thank you to all the 2016-17 PTA board members.This dynamic group has been instrumental in getting things done, even if that means emergency meetings and voting in the rain. A special thank you to the exiting board members this year: Tony Toppenberg (Treasurer), Laura Bertin (Co-Secretary), Ann Ilgen (Events Chair), and Sharon Beaudoin (Legislative Rep). Thank you for your support of the Whittier PTA! You will be missed on the board in 17-18. 

    We are also excited to welcome several new board members: Kelsey Toppenberg (Co-Secretary), April Musick (Communications Chair), Mark Butler (Fundraising Co-Chair), Femeke Cabernard (Events Co-Chair), Katie Dahlen (Events Co-Chair), Jen Mannheim (Programs Co-Chair), Kristin Ford (Outreach Co-Chair), and Elena Aldinger (Volunteer Co-Chair). Welcome! We are excited to serve on the PTA board with you in 2017-18!

    Sascha Demerjian and James Goldsmith
    Returning Co-Presidents

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    Congratulations to this year's three Golden Acorn Award recipients: Heidi Wachter, Karen Gustafson, and Amy Bryan.

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    From our librarian, Ms. Nygard:
    A HUGE THANK YOU to our library volunteers this year!! All year, these parents and community members were supportive, reshelved of thousands of books, were amazingly positive, had intuitive and insightful ideas, and showed so much love to all wildcats... I am immensely grateful for: Denni Kibelstis, Chuck Forge, Becky Dobbins, Jessica Carr, Patrick McCann, Judy Greene and Sherry Lueders!

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    Thank you to Misha Graham, Spirit Gear Chair for 5+ years!

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    A huge thank you to the Jog-a-Thon planning committee: Amanda Taylor, Kelsey Toppenberg, Justin Fenton, Katie Dahlen, Shelley Curtis, Claire Fenton, Rachel Knecht, and all the classroom chaperones!

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    Whittier parent Demian Minjarez has been working with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and SPS to map out a grant process in support of Whittier playground upgrades, including play structure replacement, entry gates, picnic table(s), landscaping, and more.

    Big WildCat Thanks to Demian for all the time and effort working on this grant!

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    We would love to send a HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers and staff who made this year's STEM Fair possible, in particular Event Chair Julie Kennedy for her hours of tireless organization and hands-on effort!

    Thank you to Dr. Dom for holding "office hours" to help students with their projects; Gina Alvino for lining up the wonderful guest scientists; Emily Clark, Patrick McCann, Ann Ilgen, and Amanda Taylor for your work first thing in the morning setting up tables; Doree Armstrong, Emily Clark, Brenda Bourns, Kimberly Harms, Tracy Yetter, and Uma Pandit for organizing kids as they set up and checked out displays during the day; Cheryl Adams for help getting final set up done before everyone arrived; and Cherise Gaffney, Sascha Demerjian, Kate Vajda, Ann Ilgen, and Karen Gustafson for keeping the scavenger hunt and popcorn flowing during the event! Finally, a huge thank you to Spencer Visick and Mark Blair for their awesome work on clean up at the end of the night!

    As always, a huge thank you to Mr. Pule for relocating his classes for the day and to Ms. Childers for her awesome organization and inspiration for kids and staff! Huge kudos to all the kids, families and classes who helped us learn more as we explored the topics you shared! The STEM Fair had a great feel to it and kids are already starting to talk about project ideas for next year. STEM it up, Wildcats!

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    A big thank you to PTA Budget Committee members and the BLT for their long hours and dedication in developing responsible recommendations for staff and PTA member consideration to help address the budget shortfall for the 2017-18 school year. 

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    Whittier Staff would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful Families for providing a delicious lunches over the course of the year. The food at each lunch was so yummy! (The quotes from students at the 5th grade lunch were extra heart-warming.)

    THANK YOU to all families and students who contributed to our Veterans Day Wall of Honor. We love having a chance to honor those who have served our country.

    Thank you to the Wildcat families who made it out to Hec Ed Pavilion on Sunday to cheer on the Husky Women's Volleyball team, and thank you to James Goldsmith for organizing the outing! Go Dawgs!

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    THANK YOU to Head Teacher Sara Dowsing and parents Ann Ilgen and Amy Bryan for organizing Whittier's first RULER Family Night Thursday, Nov. 3. 

    An EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Principal Schweitzer and staff members Stacy Barrett, Olivia Capobianco, Gillian Gordon-Smith, Jill McGrath, and Steph Turner for guiding families through the work (and serving pizza!). 

         *     *     *     *    *

    All Fall Carnival Volunteers!
    For donating nearly 1,000 volunteer hours to bring Whittier 2016 Fall Carnival to life!

    As you can imagine, it is impossible to list the MANY, MANY who helped to prepare and the MANY, MANY MORE who volunteered the night-of. You know who you are and we appreciate you!

    We would like to give an honorable mention to a few who volunteered above and beyond...

    The Thielman Family (Cristi, Scott and Riley), who once again donated countless family hours as chairs of the Carnival and Haunted House.
    Allison Osenar, who each year provides undaunted courage from AM to PM for Friday's set-up.
    Alex Osenar for fearless assistance, on short notice, in getting all the games and props down to the staging area.
    Kate Avneri and Cara Seaver for their amazing art work and signage.
    Numerous Whittier 5th Grade Students who helped with set-up AND take-down.
    Our Whittier community middle- and high-school students who dedicated hours to create the Haunted House and then turned into ghoulish creatures in the House.
    Karen Gustafson and Patrick McCann for helping with set-up and then staying until the "bitter end" (yes, Saturday morning) to store ALL Carnival goods in Whittier's attic.
    Suzanne Harrison, who stepped in last minute to tell Wildcat fortunes ALL NIGHT LONG!
    Kristen Dailey, Sarah Ogier, Jennifer Mannheim, and Amy Bryan, who worked "through the night" managing volunteers and dealing with Carnival real-time issues.

    Thanks for helping make Whittier a wonderful community to share!

    Thinking Ahead

    If you would like to chair any part of next year's Carnival, volunteer now and debrief with these three fabulous parents before they "graduate" from Whittier. Our deadline for identifying a Chair/Co-Chair for next year is May 1; without someone in place to lead the event, we may have to cancel the 2017 Carnival. Please email us to let us know if you are interested. Thank you.