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    Whittier Staff Roster, 2017-2018

    Office Staff
    Principal: Stephanie Clark
    Assistant Principal:  Jason Sciarrone
    Administrative Secretary: Rebecca Adamson
    Office Assistant: Monica Ganyard

    Ms. Brady, Room 101
    Ms. Walquist, Room 102
    Ms. Capobianco, Room 201
    Ms. O'Leary, Room 202
    Ms. Smart, Room 204
    Grade 1
    Ms. Hansen, Room 206
    Ms. Crawford, Room 207
    Ms. Newton, Room 208
    Ms. Castillo, Room 209

    Grade 1/2
    Ms. Mayo, Room 212

    Grade 2
    Ms. Barrett, Room 211
    Ms. McGrath, Room 213
    TBD, Room 214
    Grade 3
    Ms. Kemery, Room 210
    Ms. Izzo, Room 304
    Ms. Maddeford, Room 303

    Grade 4
    Ms. Engel, Room 302
    Ms. Richmond, Room 305

    Grade 4/5
    Ms. Dowsing, Room 301

    Grade 5
    Ms. Cerney, Room 306
    Ms. Childers, Room 307

    School Nurse
    Ms. ("Nurse Joan") McDonagh, front office

    Literacy Specialist: Ms. Alberico; What is a Literary Specialist?
    Physical Education: Mr. Pule, Gym
    Performing Arts: Ms. ("Steph") Turner-Busiel, Room 203
    Visual Arts: Mr. Buck
    Instrumental Music: Mr. Davidson

    Ms. Nygard, Library

    Resource Room
    Ms. McCulloch, Special Education Teacher
    Ms. Johnston, IA
    Access RoomTeachers / Assistants
    Mr. Jaynes, Teacher
    Ms. Adair, IA
    Ms. Toth, IA
    Ms. Roll, IA
    Ms. Holbert
    Speech Therapist
    Ms. Giroux
    Physical Therapist
    Ms. Burris
    Occupational Therapist
    Ms. Krecker-Scott

    Teacher for the Visually Impaired
    Ms. Roberts
    Braillist, Vision Assistant
    Ms. Anderson

    Lunchroom Manager
    Ms. ("Jo") Simonian

    Custodial Staff
    Mr. ("Will") Kuykendall
    Mr. ("Juan") Gallegos

    Lunchroom / Playground Supervisor
    Ms. ("Tracy") Yetter
    Ms. ("Katie") Dahlen