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    Monthly Virtues Project 

    As a step toward creating more enrichment activities and increasing home-to-school connections, the whole student body at Whittier will focus on a different virtue each month.

    This is our third year of implementing the social/emotional approach to learning called RULER, and creating a class charter is the first of four pillars we teach throughout the year. Students and staff discuss how they want to feel at school, what we do to feel that way as a community, and what we do when problems arise. Look for upcoming RULER family night events where we will walk you through creating a family charter to use at home.

    Virtues explored by the Whittier Community during the 2016-2017 school year:

    -April's Virtue was Integrity.
    -March's Virtue was Motivation.
    -February's Virtue was Justice.
    -January's Virtue was Courage.
    -December's Virtue was Generosity.
    -November's Virtue was Gratitude.
    -October's Virtue was Self-Awareness.
    -September's Virtue was Community.