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    Mural of Whittier Wildcats

    Annual Give Campaign

    Our Annual Give Campaign is the big fall fundraiser at Whittier. Your donations fuel the school for the entire school year.

    Our Annual Give Campaign begins on Curriculum Night on September 28. Plan on joining us to meet Principal Schweitzer, your Wildcats’ teachers, and your PTA representatives. You’ll hear firsthand how your support makes Whittier an awesome school and helps build an amazing community.

    The Annual Give runs through October, concluding on October 23, when we’ll reveal which grade gets bragging rights for the year as the hosts of the Annual Give Popcorn Party!

    Ways To Donate:

    During the Annual Give, you can pay by check when you return the materials you receive at Curriculum Night (or via KidMail if you can’t join us.)

    You can also make your donation online, either as a one-time payment or as a recurring monthly payment.

    Where Do My Donations Go?

    Learn more about the about the 27 ways your support makes Whittier awesome

    Our Goal

    To fund all of the programs, staff, and other essential services the PTA has prioritized, we need to raise a total of $65,000 at the Annual Give. Our suggested donation is $140 per child. All donations are appreciated; please give if you can – and if you can give more than the suggested donation, you’ll be making an even bigger impact on your Wildcats’ experience at Whittier and on our community as a whole.

    Tax Deductions

    All donations are 100% tax deductible. You will receive a receipt from Whittier after you’ve submitted your donation.