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    Historical Touchstones
    Whittier Elementary, originally Whittier School, first opened in 1908. Overcrowding in the original school building lead to the construction of a second building in 1928. Both buildings were demolished in 1998, and the current school building opened in 1999.

    The current building features a stained glass window and keystone from the 1928 building. A maritime theme reflecting Ballard’s history is carried out in designs on the exterior and interior of the building.

    Who Was John G. Whittier?
    Whittier School, originally opened in 1908, was named in honor of John Greenleaf Whittier, a 19th century poet, author, and abolitionist. Read about John G. Whittier’s fascinating life on Wikipedia.

    Sea Serpent Sighting
    The smiling sea serpent meandering through the Whittier playground is named Snorkel.

    The Whittier Way Theme Song

    At Whittier School we do our best.
    Be on time, rested, and neatly dressed.

    Respect one another whenever we meet.
    Don't bother others with hands and feet.

    We listen to our teachers, they know what to do.
    We take care of our school, 'cause that's right too.

    Up the stairs and down the halls,
    we walk with care so nobody falls.

    Fighting and shouting always ends in pain,
    we'll talk instead, and use our brain.

    We'll stick to our studies, get our homework done,
    Before we cut loose for some after school fun.

    We're getting better and brighter every day,
    smart and safe - that's the Whittier Way!