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    Whittier Fall Carnival
    Friday, October 27th 2017, 6:00pm-9:00pm
    (food trucks begin serving at 5:00pm)
    Games, Prizes, Food Trucks, Candy and

    This is a big event for the Whittier community! 

    Food trucks, costumes, games, laughs, and the inaugural “Hogwarts Experience”— 
    Fall Carnival has it all!

    Dancing Skeletons.png


    Where is the Carnival?
    The Gym, cafeteria and virtually every first floor hallway will be filled with games and activities.

    What will I do at the Carnival?
    Play games and win prizes! Buy goodies from the Popcorn & Candy Counter and toys at the Light Up Store!
    Enjoy a Hogwarts Experience on the stage! Volunteer to run games, sell tickets, provide baked goods for the Cake Walk, sell in the light up store, sell at the popcorn & candy counter, or help set up/take down the event…we will love you for it!

    Are the games for all age groups?
    Yes! There will be many games for all age groups.

    Is the Hogwarts Experience appropriate for younger children?
    The Fall Carnival team is excited to introduce the inaugural Hogwarts Experience on Whittier’s stage this year, featuring a scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This is an interactive “room experience” (not a typical play)—participants are on the stage observing the actors. The entry and exit to the stage are located in the kindergarten hallway on the first floor. While we aim to move guests through this event as quickly (and safely!) as possible, be prepared for a line. The Hogwarts Express Trolleywill be stationed near Room 201 with a selection of themed items for sale (payment in tickets accepted!).

    We do not expect this event to frighten young children as the Haunted House may have in the past. However, some children may be surprised by the use of light and sound, and there will be a brief moment at the end of the scene featuring He Who Must Not Be Named

    How do I pay for the event?
    There is NO entry fee to attend the carnival. Tickets are needed to play games, purchase treats and light up toys, participate in the Cake Walk, and visit the Hogwarts Experience.

    How can I buy tickets?
    It is advised to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines the night-of. Tickets will be on sale in the lobby before and after school during the week leading up to the carnival. 

    What if I get hungry?
    Food trucks! Popcorn & Candy! Ice Cream! These things and more will be available at the Fall Carnival. This year’s food truck vendors include Dante's Inferno Dogs (credit card and cash), Veraci Pizza (credit card and cash), Rancho Bravo (credit card and cash), and Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream (cash only). Food trucks will begin serving food at 5:00pm this year, will remain onsite throughout the event, and do not accept tickets as payment (bring your credit card and/or cash). Please note that the school and carnival games open at 6:00pm.

    What should I wear to the Carnival?

    A Costume!

    Anything else I should know?
    See also: Fall Carnival Tips for New Families

    How can I help make the Fall Carnival the BEST EVENT EVER?
    That’s easy – VOLUNTEER!


    We need YOU — parents/grandparents/older students (middle and high school) — to help make this event a success.We need volunteers to set up the events, run the games, sell tickets, provide goodies for the cake walk, sell in the light-up store, sell at the candy counter, and help take down the event. 
    Sign up to volunteer, here!


    2016 Fall Carnival lobby posters by spooktacular Whittier parent and artist, Kate Avneri


    Fall Carnival poster    Fall Carnival poster     Fall Carnival poster