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    What is a "Head Teacher"?

    Sara Dowsing, Whittier's first Head Teacher, presented at the September 2015 PTA Community Meeting, answering the question: What is a Head Teacher?

    By way of background, Whittier Staff voted to fund a full-time Head Teacher for the 2015-16 school year as an alternative to a part-time Vice Principal, the position funded by Seattle Public Schools. Advantages of the full-time Head Teacher center around the consistent presence of another staff member in the building, and include:

    • Consistent support for students every day
    • Reliable classroom assistance and dedication to teacher growth strategies
    • Increased before and after-school staff support at the bus stop and crosswalks
    • Additional whole-school support when the Principal is out of the building
    • Consistent presence on building committees targeting math and social/emotional programming
    • Dedicated staff member to establish community relationships in support of student and teacher needs

    "This position provides support to students and staff on several fronts. I look forward to working with all Whittier families and staff members to establish the value of this position, and my place, in the Whittier community — one that I care about so deeply," said Ms. Dowsing.