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    Announcing Whittier's 2016-17 Golden Acorn Awards

    Congratulations to this year's three Golden Acorn Award recipients: Heidi Wachter, Karen Gustafson, and Amy Bryan.

    This award is given in recognition of the recipients' extraordinary commitment to Whittier students, families, and staff. As one member of the award committee stated: "If Whittier ever creates a Mount Rushmore, all three should be on it." Here are just a few of the things our community said about Heidi, Karen, and Amy when nominating them for this award:
    Heidi Wachter 
    "Heidi really loves connecting with the students at Whittier and genuinely wants them to feel excited to be there."
    "If you or your child(ren) have had fun at a Whittier Fall Carnival in the last five years, thank Heidi!"
    "Heidi is enthusiastic, energetic, creative, and fun.  Always, her number one priority is that the kids have fun."
    "Heidi's energy is infectious, she is gracious and kind, and we will miss her tremendously as her son graduates from Whittier this year."

    Karen Gustafson
    "Karen basically works full-time for Whittier as an unpaid volunteer, doing absolutely anything that needs doing. She's got her hand in just about everything!"
    "Karen has a heart of gold... She is an excellent representative of the school and a hard working, inclusive person."
    "Karen's dedication to the school and the students here is amazing to see. She is truly the heart of Whittier."
    "Karen is the go-to person to ask about anything: where is the key, how did we do this last year, who has the box of thing-a-ma-bobs, how does the dang popcorn machine work — the list goes on and on."

    Amy Bryan
    "Amy is knowledgeable in all things Whittier and is the first one to notice things we can do to help make our school run more smoothly."
    "Amy is ... the go-to person anytime anyone has any question, problem, or need. Always even-keeled and kind, no fanfare, just gets things done."
    "Amy is dedicated and open-minded, able to see multiple perspectives, and bring ideas together from all sides...always bringing a positive attitude full of possibilities and creative thinking in the most challenging situations."
    "Amy is a true gift to our community. She absolutely deserves a big, messy, embarrassing public display of gratitude."

    Please congratulate Heidi, Karen, and Amy when you see them, and thank them for their many years of hard work on behalf of our Wildcat community!