The Whittier STEM Fair

Whittier STEM Fair poster
Amazing STEM poster by Kate Avneri.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; A STEM Fair is similar to a science fair, but it showcases the connection between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is an opportunity for students to explore scientific phenomena and engineering design. All projects must have a testable question and involve gathering data to answer that question. 

The Whittier STEM Fair is held every spring. This year, individual participation is on a voluntary basis and some teachers may choose to do a whole class project (look for communication from your teacher).

This year, Whittier's STEM Fair will be Thursday, March 23, 2017, 6pm–8pm. Please come for the evening event and enjoy all the great Wildcat science and engineering projects on display. In addition, students can talk with guest scientists!

Speaking of guest scientists, if you work in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math and have skills to demonstrate to aspiring Wildcat minds, WE NEED YOU! Several spots remain for guest scientists to demonstrate their craft at this year's STEM Fair. Interactive demonstrations, allowing students to see and touch real applications of science, have been popular in the past and we welcome and encourage you to be creative with your expertise. So put down that circuit, set aside that lab equipment, stop writing that code, and email Gina Alvino or Julie Kennedy to sign up and inspire young Wildcat scientists today!

New this year: we will provide "office hours" during the school day by teacher-directed parent volunteers for students who wish to do their own project and need support. Assistance can include: help with generating an idea, getting supplies, organizing/outlining the project steps, and feedback on overall project implementation.

If you would like to volunteer for "office hours", please sign up here

To get started, visit the dedicated STEM website for project ideas.

We hope all our Whittier Wildcats plan to join us for this year's STEM Fair, as an attendee and as a participant! You can encourage your child right away by discussing a possible hypothesis!


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