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    Family Resources During Closure
    Posted on 03/13/2020

    Good Morning Families, 

    I hope everyone is well and healthy.  I want you to know you are doing a fantastic job.   I also know some of you are working, and are feeling the pressure of providing home school options for your child is difficult.    These activities are optional - do the best you can and give your self a break.  We are just trying to help and you have plenty of options.

    When you have had the time to develop a plan here are some tips for you to get through the next six weeks.  

    • Create a daily or weekly schedule for you and your child.
    • It is best practice to develop that schedule with your child.
    • Include plenty of breaks, recess, art and choice time...Get outside and play!  
    • I highly recommend that you schedule play dates for your child and yourself.  Share this load with another family.   Your child will find more joy in learning if they are doing it with a buddy. 
    • Be firm and consistent in finding at least thirty minutes a day for reading, writing and math.  For K and 1 you may need to break it into 15 minute chunks.  
    • We have sent out a ton of ideas to help you. The STEM fair project is on the website in Wildchat. 
    • All of this might be overwhelming.  You can take the weekend to sort this out before you begin. 
    • You always have my permission to take days off.  


    YMCA is offering childcare for $25 a day for families that need childcare through this crisis. 

    Several Whittier families have offered to support children at their home.  Please email me if you need help connecting with one of these families or if you would like to host a child so families who must work can continue.  We need to support our families who work in the health care industry.  Let me know if you can help or need help. 

    Free Academic/SES Resources: It is great and provides engaging activities for every grade and every subject.  To activate your free account click on this link or copy it into your web browser:

    Your username and password provides free access to BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP ELL, BrainPOP Français, and BrainPOP Español.

    The company is giving all of my families a free 30 day trial.  Please use my username and password below. 

    Password: Whittier1968*3

    Free Academic Resources:

    King County Library 

    Students have full access to KCLS eBooks and downloadable materials, databases, and online downloadable materials.

    SPS School Lunches Start Monday:  11;00 AM to 1:00 PM 

    • Ballard HS 1418 NW 65th 
    • Broadview Thompson K-8 13052 Greenwood AVE
    • Eagle Staff 1330 N 90th

    Whittier Students and Families are Compassionate Citizens and Want to Help.  

    Lastly, if you would like to donate to the Whittier - Free Little Pantry.  The fund will assist Whittier and SPS families in need.  We are collecting Food, Toiletries, school supplies for families who may need support.  If you would like to donate a used device to a family who does not have a device at home we will accept as well.  We are also accepting  gift cards for $25 to support families - if you are healthy drop by the playground at noon.  If we have excess we will take your donation to the Ballard food bank.  Or you can donate directly to the food bank.   

    If you need anything send me an email and we can schedule a pick up or delivery on Monday.  

    Perseverance and Patience are the virtues this month - Stay Strong and flexible.  Have realistic expectations for you and your family.  

    I received my first persuasive letter today from a student.  It was awesome!   Students can write me via email or send it to my house.   I promise to write them back.  Send me an email and I will send you my address if interested. I am not built to be socially isolated!   

    Stay Strong Whittier, 

    Principal Clark

    For up-to-date information and additional resources, including how to stay healthy, visit the district’s coronavirus disease 2019 news announcement.