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    First Day Of School
    Posted on 09/01/2018
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    First Day of School (Grades 1-5)

    Wednesday, September 5
    7:50 AM Meet your teacher on the playground
    7:55 AM School Starts
    Regular school hours apply, no early release

    First Day of School (Kindergarten)

    Monday, September 10
    7:50 AM Meet your teacher on the playground 
    7:55 AM School Starts

    Whittier Before School & Recess Line-up 2018/2019

    Whittier Elementary Recess Line-up Diagram 2018/2019

    Driving in the School Zone: Moving People and Cars Around Whittier

    When dropping off your child(ren) by car, drive slowly and carefully around the school. Please be attentive to children crossing the street, traffic patterns, drop zones, and crossing guards.

    • Parents are encouraged to drive clockwise around Whittier: west on NW 75th St, 
      north on 14th Ave NW, east on NW 77th St, and south on 13th Ave NW.
    • Don't block driveways; leave 5 feet of room or risk a ticket and a tow.
    • Remember to leave at least 20 feet from any crosswalk, marked or unmarked.
    • The BUS ZONE is located alongside the school on 13th Ave NW. 
      No drop off, pick up, or parking is permitted in this area.
    • 14th Ave NW is recommended for drop off/pick up before and after school.
    • Always drop off on the school side of the street or where children can 
      carefully cross at corners.
    • Pedestrians and cyclists: do not cross between buses or cars.

    Whittier Traffic Map