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    Super School! by Taproot Theater Company
    Posted on 10/15/2018
    Dancing People Students will be treated to a live performance by Taproot Theater Company: Super School!   

    SUPER SCHOOL by Bethany Wallace

    Your favorite heroes from Camp Super Friend are back for a new adventure! It’s Marvel’s first day at Asteroid Academy and Jet introduces him to Danrelle, a girl with invisibility power, and Tilly, a girl with super-strength and a temper to match. When Danrelle uses her power to steal Tilly’s rocket ball and bully her into losing her temper, Tilly’s reaction puts her in danger of being suspended. Can Tilly learn to manage her emotions in time? Will the students of Asteroid Academy learn the power of the three R’s: Recognizing, Reporting and Refusing Bullying Behavior before their actions cause superhero-sized trouble?

     Students will review or learn some new terms.  
    • Bullying is one sided and unfair.  It happens when someone who is more powerful, physically or socially, repeatedly hurts, scares, threatens or leaves out another person on purpose.
    • Bystander: Someone who witnesses bullying behavior.
    • Supportive Bystander: Someone who witnesses bullying behavior and helps the student being bullied, either by intervening in the situation or by reporting the behavior to an adult.
    • Tattling: Telling on someone just to get them in trouble or get revenge.
    • Reporting: Telling on someone to keep you or someone else safe.

    Recognize, Report, Refuse: When faced with a bullying situation, it is important to recognize that the behavior is a bullying behavior, report the behavior to a trusted adult who can help you refuse the behavior by staying calm and confident when asking them to stop. Recognizing, reporting and refusing bullying focuses on safe ways to keep someone/yourself from getting hurt.