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    Field Day 2019 is Friday, June 14th!
    Posted on 06/05/2019
    USAFor those new to Whittier, Field Day can be, ah, different. Lunch is a BBQ outside with lunches starting a little tad earlier and ending a little earlier so to prepare for our activity stations. Yup, 2 hours of pure energy as classes rotate though 19 stations lasting 5-7 minutes, depending on how the flow is going. It is organized mayhem and chaotic fun... hopefully with minimum number of injuries and exhaustive meltdowns.

    Each year, we pick a theme and classes play the part. 2019 is Red, White, and Blue! Break out the Team USA face paint and hair dye! IT IS FUN!

    Volunteers are needed to make it happen... look for the SignUp Genius to lend a hand (or both) with lunch or activities.

    Volunteers are asked to wear the colors of the defending Women's World Cup Champions, Team USA... It is an easy one. Red, White, and Blue. A double winner!

    Face paint and dyed hair a bonus! It will be a blaze of color!

    STATION VOLUNTEERS SHOULD MEET MR. PULE IN THE WHITTIER GYM @ 11:15 AM. Mr. Pule will present a quick Field Day Activities 101 wiki-course. In a few minutes, you will be an expert in the field day arts! Bring a friend and really have a Flag Waving, World Cup Field Day .

    Field Day Schedule

    Please join us for a BBQ lunch. The menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers. We´ll have some vegetables and watermelon and cookies for dessert. Everyone is welcome. The cost for adults is $4.75 and students are $3.00. If your child has money in their lunch account, they can just come through the line and put in their pin number. For the students who don't and for adults, they can bring in cash or a check.

    2nd 10:25 AM-10:55 AM
    3rd 10:30 AM-11:00 AM
    1st 10:40 AM-11:10 AM
    4/5 10:50 AM-11:20 AM
    K 11:00AM-11:30 AM

    11:40 AM
    Unicycles Arrive in Gym

    11:50 AM
    Classes Arrive on Playground

    11:55 AM
    Opening Ceremony Unicycles Perform

    12:00 PM-2:05 PM
    Field Day Activities

    2:05 PM
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