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    Wildcats - I hope you are well. Teachers and staff are working very hard to provide your child with a sound education while we work remotely. We ask that you continue to support your child's engagement with the live lessons and help your child come to class prepared with their supplies. Encouraging students to turn their cameras on so they can connect with their teacher and classmates is important. I am amazed out how well our students are adapting to our new situation. In addition, please have your child practice reading and writing for at least 30 minutes a day. They can read to you, themselves, a friend, or to their grandparents over zoom. Our youngest readers can listen to books, look at books and practice their literacy skills with you, their siblings or their grandparents through zoom as well. If your child doesn't have anyone to read to, have your child create a recording of themselves reading in Seesaw and share it with their teacher or Principal Clark. Please know, if you have any questions, teachers are available for parent questions and meetings from 2:30-3:00 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. You are also welcome to send me an email or attend this weeks morning coffee - Thursday at 7:45 AM. These are informal opportunities to talk about what's on your mind. We know remote learning is not ideal; but to hear what is working and what is not working is helpful as we move into second trimester. Please join me Thursday at 7:45 AM Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

    Principal Clark is encouraging some fun this Friday. You and your child may wear a costume to school meetings or to pick up library resources or a goody bag from PTA this Friday. If you would like to send me a photo - we will quickly create a virtual costume parade and share it with you. (Let me know if anyone with above average tech skills would like to help me with that.) Please remember that when selecting your costume for school to always RESPECT the feelings of other cultures. I have included an article about Cultural Appropriation that may help you when selecting a costume for Halloween.

    Hopefully - you can continue you on with the fun and join the PTA Lantern Festival. Read below.