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    General Information

    • Kindergarten students spend the fall learning routines (e.g., morning meeting, weather, class helper jobs, calendar, class snack) and understanding what is expected of them as members of their new class and school community.
    • Kindergarten teachers spend a lot of time working with their students to develop a sense of community by talking about, and demonstrating, concepts like respect, kindness, honesty and acceptance. They have regular class meetings where they learn to talk about feelings and practice conflict resolution skills.
    • Kindergarteners have three recesses (morning, lunch and afternoon). They eat lunch together in the cafeteria. For children bringing lunch from home, we encourage parents to pack nutritious foods in easy-to-open containers.
    • Kindergarteners attend library on a regular basis during which time they hear a story, practice browsing and check out a book. They also have PE, Performing Arts and Art, which they attend on an alternating basis.
    • Choice time is a chance for Kindergarteners to delve deeper into subject areas that are of particular interest to them and practice self-direction.
    • Each Kindergarten classroom has a computer area and a class library.

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