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    Volunteer Requirements

    Before you volunteer, you must complete the following requirements. Just follow the 5 steps listed below and you'll be all set. (Note: The front office needs about a week to review your application and run a background check.)

    Volunteering Check List: 

    • STEP 1: Complete the attached Volunteer Application Packet (4 Pages) - You must do this every school year. 

    • STEP 2: View the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention online course - You must do this only once.

      After watching the video, you'll be prompted to enter your full name and select your school. The system will generate a certificate; print the certificate to include with your application, and also note the date on page 4 of the application so the volunteer coordinator can confirm your name is on the list. 

      Note: If you have already viewed the video in the past you do not need to view it again. However, please note that you have completed it on page 4 on the application and your coordinator will confirm that your name is on the completed list.

    • STEP 3: Turn in your application to Whittier’s office one week before any volunteering.

    • STEP 4: Please show your ID to the Office when you turn in your paperwork. 

      A background check is mandatory once each school year. We appreciate your patience with this process. 

      Depending on the type of volunteer position you are applying for, you might need to undergo a more intensive background check process. The volunteer coordinator will be able to assist you with additional information about this policy. 

      Please note: While all volunteers must be screened through the background check (WATCH system), a criminal history does not automatically disqualify one from volunteering in the schools. 

    • STEP 5: While you are waiting for approval please read the Volunteer Handbook for additional info and tips to consider while volunteering with SPS.

    Volunteer Reading

         • Volunteer Policy No. 5630 
         • SPS Volunteer Handbook (also available in the office) 

    Special Forms for Volunteers

    Driving for a field trip? You'll need this Driver's Checklist