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    • Tag games (except for State Tag) are not allowed, and large group running is not allowed on the wood chips.
    • Fighting is not tolerated. Fighting on the playground results in a direct referral to the principal.
    • “Play Fighting” is not permitted. This includes wrestling and character play that involves weapons. Whittier is a weapon free zone (including imaginary weapons!).
    • Any student may join in a game. There are no lock-outs. Ask a playground supervisor if you need help joining a game.
    • Balls and jump ropes are to be used on the asphalt only. Jump ropes are to be used for jumping rope only. No tug-of-war or tying up.
    • Balls may be bounced/kicked against the wall 10 feet high or lower (must stay under the white speakers).
    • Avoid moving through games in progress.
    • One way traffic on rings and monkey bars, from west to east. Please do not interfere with others who are trying to cross.
    • Do not jump from the play structure platforms.
    • Down only on the slide, on your bottom, one person at a time, feet first.
    • Do not throw wood chips.
    • If a ball leaves the playground, find an adult to get it for you. Do not leave the playground or go outside the fence.
    • The only part of “Snorkel” for climbing is his tail, in the wood chip area.
    • Only play where playground supervisors can see you.
    • Students should not be in the building unless they have checked in with the playground supervisor and received a hall pass.
    • Please protect the environment, do not pick leaves or branches from plants, and do not climb trees!
    • When the bell rings, line up quickly to go inside. GUIDELINES FOR RECESS DUTY Your presence on the playground is much appreciated and very important.


    Your presence on the playground is much appreciated and very important.

    Safety is our #1 priority!!

    • BE ON TIME: We depend on you!
    • CIRCULATE: Move around the playground and wood chip area, covering the perimeter and hidden areas.
    • INTERACT: Talk to kids, they will love you for it; if an adult wants to interact, invite them to circulate with you – “walk and talk” including kids when you can.
    • ENGAGE: Eye and voice contact are important; be friendly and positive, remembering to use positive redirects. Wear your vest so students can find you easily.
    • FACILITATE: Help kids find activities or friends if they appear to need help.
    • PROBLEM-SOLVE: Help kids solve problems on their own first; if they need assistance beyond what you can provide please ask for help from another adult, remembering to use positive redirects.
    • REPORT: If a problem is not resolved quickly, please report it to the office.
    • PROVIDE CONSEQUENCES FOR MISBEHAVIOR: Verbal warning; time out; office referral and write up.
    • HAVE FUN: Enjoy the fresh air and change of scenery!