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    Meeting Notes:

    February 12, 2018

    Facilitator: Julia  

    Temp Taker: Tori 

    Time Keeper: Rebecca 

    Recorder: Julie 

    Meeting session: 2:55pm - 5:45pm 

    2:55 Start  

    Open Forum: *Timely notes and feedback. Once a week meeting is fast turn aroundRecord keeper concerned with accuracy and wants feedback from BLT before sending out to all staff. Difficult for part time staff to turn the notes around quickly. Suggestions to avoid this from happening: How we could be proactive and meet with constituents on non-contract time that is acceptable for constituent group. Agree to send out notes right after meeting. Notes can be talking points vs. in depth. Informative meetings vs. decision making meetings different (ex. Class list) All staff welcome to come during open forum. Two-way communication is important, both sides (staff and BLT rep) must be proactive for input. Goal is to represent constituents, assume best intentions. 

    3:15 Class Lists:  


    • Procedures – “Blind list” – blank slots to start. Sort by birthdate, gender (gender identifies with) with the following categories in mind: 1Access, resource, ELL, 504, SIT Process, Literacy services 2) high needs: unidentified supports, SEL/Behavior 3) Advanced learning designation 4) family comments and teacher recommendations 5) Space for new students similar in each classroom 6) race/ethnicity Add:*Parents who volunteer frequently? 

    • Final Check: write students into spreadsheet and compare to ensure equitable distribution (tallys) Trades? 

    • Question: *What to do if list is not complete by end of the school year *What to do with split kids who have received next grade curriculum (ex. 4/5) 

    • Class list written electronically on spreadsheet (office generates name bank for teachers to cut/paste) *database for each grade level? (pulled from enrollment and eligibility report) 

    • Specialists sitting with tables while teachers work with lists, 5th grade teachers to help 

    • Idea: Send out postcards before summer with teacher named for summer meet and greet? Get to know students early. Develop buddy parents from lists to reach out to new families. Parent letter to inform that no changes after list is created. 

    • Dates: June 1st parent feedback due (make form for specific comments) (sent out in April), June 6th (pink/blue, begin sort) (reschedule math committee) June 13th (staff meeting in library complete spreadsheet) to finish by June 20th (by staff meeting) Staff signs off that complete. Part of check out. 


    3:45 Sub Pay: skipped and returned to this topic at 4:45 


    • Need to create a ballot, talk to constituents on Wednesday to vote. Each bargaining unit has to vote separate (2 units). Different ballots.  

    • Cert: “The sub reimbursement money should go to impacted staff based on additional responsibilities due to unavailable substitutes.” OR “The sub reimbursement should go toward a pot of PD funds.”  

    • SAEOP/Para Pro: “The sub reimbursement money should go to impacted staff based on additional responsibilities due to unavailable substitutes. The impacted employee must keep a record of the time he/she is impacted by substitute unavailability.” OR “The sub reimbursement should go toward a pot of PD funds.” 

    • Questionnaire – who might be open to giving up planning time in case no sub (mentioned at BLT rep connection time – end of Wed. meeting)  


    3:45 Budget 


    • Staff feedback: K/1: liked 4 classrooms across board/no split, stick with 21 classrooms vs 22.  

    • Look at McCleary numbers and discuss class numbers by Wednesday, show recommendation, ballot ready for Wednesday and vote and return by Friday.  

    • Classroom space  

    • Access doesn’t have space to work/teach = problem with 13/14 kids (5 families on tour who thought entering access next year) 

    • Idea: Move Ms. Steph into Whittier Kids roomthat would become a 3rd grade classroom, Kyle into Ms. Smarts room, Ms. Smart to Capo’s classroom, Access room could be OT/PT, math, ELL, specialist (look at appropriate learning spaces) 

    • Impact to Whittier Kids – 60 in cafeteria, 43 downstairs after school…could be a traveling classroom but licensing requirements, kitchen, storing food, teacher work space for 17 employees, option of using gym as second space after school. On site PreK consistency is good, streamlined to Whittier, siblings at Whittier. Divide between Whittier Kids space for two separate areas potentially. Parents don’t have many before and after school options for the community. Shift to comprehensive before and after school program w/ activities/club model. Hourly restrictions. Scheduling. Logistics. Pay. 

    • Printer room usage – move 1st floor printer? Extra PTA money for build out? Self help project? 

    • Use funds: Math Specialist – what would this person be responsible for? Data tracking, lead long term plans, review grade level standards, waver for envision vs. math in focus. Unify curriculum. 



    Next Steps: Wednesday’s Agenda  


    • Budget share with staff: review last year’s budget, what’s funded/how funded, enrollment projections (what we know), 2 options (McCleary) class configurations, recommended option to move forward with for approval/ballot due Friday. Discuss class space. Whittier Kids impact. Classroom space. Access. 

    • 10-15 minutes for BLT connection w/ rep – discuss class list procedures, sub pay vote, Bylaws 

    • PBIS: 45-1 hr. time frame – staff and family feedback on misbehaviors, activity for values 


    *Contract language on voting/who votes/No’s – Staci will follow up 

    *Next Meeting: Feb. 26th  

    end: 5:45pm