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    BLT Meeting 11/04/2019


    Facilitator – Baldi 

    Recorder – Barrett

    Present – Sciarrone, Clark, Izzo, Baldi, Barrett, Roll, Pule, Richmod, Lyden, and Yetter.


    3:00 – Anna Box – Walk to math discussion.  We are currently in a bind because 3rd grade is looking at 2 grade levels.  K-2 is not doing walk to math while 3-5 is doing walk to math.  3rd grade is mostly staying in their classroom.  SPED is mainly push in support during math.  What should our next steps be.  We talked about why K-2 stopped doing walk to math.  John Hattie says that each child will ‘grow’ by .4  By separating students by abilities it actually stunts that growth according to studies.  They have found that students should not be tracked in math until about 11th grade because so much growth can be achieved in those last 2 years.  Walking to math is not tracked.  Seattle is not aware of how many students are walking to math.  About ½ of the schools are now trying to get away from walk to math.  Data shows that anxiety is very high in the higher classes.  The students are scared to not score high enough to get into the higher math class the next year.  Other students who are skipping grade levels are showing below level proficiency on state testing.  Some parents are worried that their children will be bored.  Anna’s advice is to use teaching strategies that would engage everybody for example, asking students to come up with how many strategies that they can use to get the solution, this allows all students to be engaged and not ‘bored’.  SPS has flaws in math pathways.  SPS makes students skip over a year a math in order to get to calculus in high school.  This makes holes.  When students go into some middle schools (Whittman), they will be tested again and if they do not get high enough scores, they are not placed in 7th grade math.  There is an opt up procedure that a child can choose to go down and a parent can sign their students up for this.  High school students can double up their math classes in 9th grade in order to take calculus in their senior year.  

    Questions: Is Walk to math best practice?  The data is somewhat mixed but a fair amount of data shows that not separating students is helpful to all students.  

    Sorting is sometimes flawed when it’s based on test scores.  Data points this year were MAP as well as teacher recommendations.  Just because a child has an AL designation, they are not required to move the student a grade level above but are required to meet a student’s individual needs.   

    Anna says the best thing that you can do is teach the heck out of the K-5 standards.  She has also recommended that we really teach a lot about fractions at the end of the year after the state testing. 

    We will also dive into looking at the demographics to see who has been primarily placed in advanced learning.  We would like to see data from schools who have dissolved walk to math.   

    We would like to invite the advanced learning department to discuss what we are required to offer to our students who have been placed as advanced learners.  Seattle has rumors of dissolving highly capable schools such as Cascadia.  

    We would like to invite middle and high school teachers/principals to inform parents about math opportunities in middle and high school in Seattle when discussing walk to math further.

    3:55 – Budget Update – We have more money based on our numbers.  Looks like we have $15,000 not accounted for.  The BLT meeting agenda shows a proposal.  Any money left over will stay in the pot and roll over to next year. Please see agenda for numbers.  $2000 will also be added to the supply fund (replacement light bulbs were brought up) Please talk to your constituents about comments and concerns. 

    4:20 – Sub reimbursement – Proposals being made for sub reimbursement.  There is a proposal for certificated sub reimbursement, Classified are working on a proposal for sub reimbursement.  Previous sub reimbursement money in the pot is currently being used to support severely impacted classrooms.  We need to come up with a plan on how these funds will be dispersed.  


    Next Meeting: 11/18/19 then 12/09/19

    Facilitator -  Pule & Barrett

    Recorder – NO

    Temp Taker – Clark