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    November 27, 2017

    Start time: 2:49 pm, End time: 5:47 pm  

    Attendees: Julia Brady, Melissa Schweitzer, Victoria Kemery, Julie Childers, Rebecca Adamson, Kathleen Durham, Sara Schmidt, Staci Barrett, Alicia Nygard 

    Brief discussion around possible bus union strike and how to help families plan for getting to school and getting home at the end of the day. 

    2:52 Sub reimbursement procedure/policy discussion: 

    Happens frequently, tricky because more than just one person can be affected. For example, when an IA is absent, it is often multiple staff members that are impacted. Last year IAs voted as a team to decide that they wanted to use the money to pay for compensation for their extra workload. 

    Possible solutions for an absent staff member: 

    • Kids could be separated out to other classrooms per grade level. Look at what the class sizes would be, and figure out walk to math. 

    • PCP teachers could divide and separate between themselves. 

    • What should it look like when an IA is out? How to support classroom teacher and make sure students are served? More student pull-out?  

    What are some Pros & Cons about putting money in the pot for PD vs paying for reimbursement? 

    Should an impacted teacher (due to absent IA) qualify to get a portion of that reimbursement money? 

    Make a plan for absences per grade level and section. 

    Next steps… Discuss more as BLT? Discuss as a whole staff? Discuss more with teacher/IA teams?  Teachers should have input with the IAs plan because they are also possibly affected.  

    Discuss this Wednesday to create a plan for all staff including IA absences that will impact teachers the least and help students get the minutes they require in order to get reimbursement/compensation. 

    3:49 Updating Bylaw discussion: 

    Continuing updating Bylaws using the template from BLT Training (see draft attached) 

    Worked on the section “Membership & Structure”  

    • Who is on the Team? 

      • Possibilities: 1 K-1 representative, 1 2-3 representative, 1 4-5 representative, 1 additional rep K-5 

      • Membership might be uneven because of the large amount of K and 1 classes. How can we make it equitable? 

      • Should there be a SPED rep? What about an IA?

      • **How would we compensate classified staff on the BLT?