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    BLT Meeting Agenda/Minutes 


    Date:  March 12, 2018  

    Meeting:   BLT  

    Facilitator: Tori Kemery 

    Recorder: Rebecca Adamson 

    Time Keeper: Julie Childers 

    Temp Taker: Staci Barrett  


    Agenda Items  



    Open Forum   

    Information Sharing  




     Final Count of Class Configurations & Propsed 2018-19 Budget 







    • Discuss PTA feedback   

    • Enrollment/McLeary update from Melissa 

    • Budget revisions if necessary 



    Next Steps: 



    Next Mtg:   


    • Facilitator:   

    • Temp Taker:  

    • Time Keeper:  

    • Recorder:  

    Sharing Ideas  


    Agenda Items  

    Open Forum 2:49pm 


    Amy Bryan – PTA will vote on a resolution on safe schools and gun violence prevention at tonight’s meeting. They will share the resolution with staff at the PTA Community Meeting on Thursday, 3/15/18. There has been positive feedback from families for our participation in the age appropriate walk out ideas for March 14th. There has been at least one parent that feels strongly that teachers should be gun trained, and few are frustrated that teachers will not be walking out or marching due to district guidelines. There was a brief discussion around plans for March 14th 


    Ballots 3:00-3:15pm 


    Final Count of Class Configurations  

    Out of 33 staff, there are 31 signatures: 

    29 approved 

    1 rejected 

    1 unclear       

    2 non-votes 

    88% approval 


    Propsed 2018-19 Budget 

    Out of 33 staff, there are 31 signatures: 

    28 approved 

    2 rejected 

    2 non-votes 

    85% approved 


    Budget 3:15-3:30 


    Discuss PTA feedback   

    PTA felt there was a good balance between a sustainable budget and the staff work to identify priorities. They are comfortable that part of the budget is just a one-time ask (literacy curriculum). There is a new effort with PTA around diversity and the PTA is looking forward to engaging more in making all families feel welcome, including, but not limited to: SPED, race, gender, family structure, socio economic, etc. EIM has cost $13,000 in the past. PTA would like to ask community to put that toward more enrichment for all students. 


    Enrollment/McLeary update from Melissa 

    We will not be getting any extra FTE. By the district standards/formula, we are meeting McLeary. The schools that need it are getting it the most. If our enrollment numbers end up going up it will not change anything with staffing. Staff meeting discussion around budget/Whittier Kids. Most staff had left by the time this was discussed at the last staff meeting. Melissa sent out a survey to staff asking their opinion on whether WK should stay one more year, or move Access which would not leave room for WK next year. 52.38% (11 out of 21) of staff thought that Access should be moved, with 47.62% (10 out of 21) voting they should remain. The Access teacher felt that it will work to wait one more year in the space they are in. Melissa made the decision to keep Access where they are for 2018-19, allowing WK to stay one more year, giving them and their families time to plan for the future. 




    Budget revisions if necessary 

    Revising the process to include more respect between colleagues. Help staff understand how much time goes into the BLT process, and encouraging them to come to BLT meetings to see the process to give them a better understanding. Make decisions based on what’s best for the students vs. what’s best for teachers. Make the timeline very clear to staff so they are prepared for the quick turn-around. 


    Next Steps: 



    Next Mtg:  April 16, 2018 

    Discuss how this year’s supply ordering went and come up with a survey for staff so they can share feedback for planning purposes.  


    • Facilitator:  Tori Kemery 

    • Temp Taker:     Sara Schmidt 

    • Time Keeper:   Alicia Nygard 

    • Recorder:         Melissa Schweitzer 

    Review Minutes and Create Agenda 3:30-4:00