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    8-24-20 BLT Meeting Minutes 

    Facilitator: Stephanie Clark  

    Recorder: Rebecca Adamson 

    Temperature Check: Staci Barrett 

    Is everyone having an opportunity to participate?  How are people feeling?  

    On Task: Jared Ogle - Keep us moving through the agenda 

    Present: Monica Ganyard, Brennan Buck, Staci Barrett, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden, Jared Ogle, Rebecca Adamson, Jason Sciarrone, Elisa McCulloch, Morgan Leming, Stephanie Clark 


    Teams Norms for BLT members:  

    •Join with muted microphone. 

    •Turn your video camera on so we can see each other.  

    •Raise your hand when you would like to talk? – Identify yourself when you speak. 

    •Be respectful and courteous in chat.  


    Welcome: How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. What do we need? 


    Introductions - Share a Gif or an Emoji  in chat that shows how you are feeling about the start of school.  


    Announcements:  What I know!  

    • School Starts September 4th - Seattle Strong:  Social Emotional Check In:  2 Hour Check In - Morning Meeting: Name Game: Teaching students a lesson about routines and why they are important.  Kai Kunkels team will have tons of resources to support these days.  The additional time during the work day will be time to connect with every student and family.   
      --Have the first five days to make family connections. 

    • Robust Learning 2.0 September 14th - Math,  CCC, Science, Social Studies - Schedule Parameters have not been released but I would like input on what I am "playing" with at this time.  Of course it will be easy to adjust once we get the parameters.  

    • Device Roll Out - Not sure what to do with families who do not have devices.  
      --Question: there will be a few kids without devices to start the year. How can we support them? Could they join with a cell phone? Can we offer for families to "buddy up" if they feel comfortable?  

    • 25 Additional School Supply kits to deliver to families who need support.  
      --will also have gift cards to help support families 
      --what part does PTA play in supporting families and helping to create learning spaces at home? How can PTA work with BLT? Everyone has different circumstances, it is hard to make a "one size fits all" plan for support. 

    • How are we getting information to parents who are non-digital? How can we make sure no one falls through the cracks? 
      --reminding families to check their email. There are barriers with language. 

    • Tri Days and PD focus for the year: BLT Recommendation  
      --3 days, 28th, 29th, 1st   


    August 28th, August 29th and September 1st - Building Days to help teachers be prepared;  2 Hour Mandatory Health and Safety:  

    • Module 1 - Taking Care of Yourself - Setting up Your work Place  

    • Module 2 - Routines, Procedures and Rituals for Online Learning  

    • Welcome of new staff members - school song 

    • Teams 101 - (We can give everyone the basics from a district Webinar on the 27th or 28th)  

    • See Saw 101 - (Same as above)  

    • Time to create a school wide introduction to your teacher 

    • SEL - Kai Kunkel and her team have created 20 SEL lessons, things to think about for SEL in your daily routines, Ice Breakers, Games and Brain Breaks.  

    • Time for Grade Level School Wide Expectations as Virtual Learners - K - 2 Expectations and 3-5 Expectations  

    • Time to work with your team on Priority Standards - Planning - and deciding on home learning supplemental kits and hard copies.  

    • Engagement Strategies  

    • August 31st - Race and Equity  

    • September 1st and 2nd - District Training:  Distance Learning Handbook - Key Note Speaker and Differentiated See Saw (K-4th), Schoology (5th), Teams PD  


    What are the most important areas of focus? 

    --With the newly, more extensive "paid version" SeeSaw platform, it is important to learn more about what will be  offered. SeeSaw 101 basics, SeeSaw 201 (with the district) 

    --virtual learners expectations 

    --rituals for online learning 

    --school wide intro to your teacher 

    --Most important items: online routines/procedures/school-wide expectations, publish school wide expectations for virtual learners so SpEd can support, understanding elements of Teams & Seesaw 

    --engagement strategies 

    --Self Care, Grade level or team expectations as virtual learners, Engagement strategies,  


    --grade level priority standards seem like they'd be very useful in addition to what's been mentioned 

    --Virtual learning expectation. See Saw 101, how we are going to make appointments for meeting with kids and families individually 

    --Teams/Seesaw Training 2. Time for grade levels to collaborate 3. SEL  


    Science training had culturally relevant instruction – there is a Microsoft platform made specifically for education. Did the district purchase the one for education vs. Business? Yes, but they haven't added the classroom option, just breakout rooms. Should learn more in Teams 101. 


    We are working on an "At Home Learning Space" document to share with families, a survey through Forms to learn more about the student and find out what supports they might need, and a Welcome Letter Template. The survey will start with essential questions, but grade level teams can add to it to customize it for their grade level. Survey suggestion: How did your child feel about online learning? What community supports do you have (pods)? 


    Conversation around "mock / draft" schedule: 

    • Positive remarks about the time consistency of the schedule. 

    • Specialist schedule looks like it makes sense and is doable. Maybe rotate days between specialists. The other specialists can help facilitate when it is not their "day". 

    • It can be overwhelming for families that are working. 

    • What will be the parental expectations?  

    --it is hard to predict... we will have to see how it goes once school starts, and support each other along the way. 

    • There was a request for Math in the morning for 4th and 5th grade 

    • Larger classes need more time for small groups or get support from a specialist for small groups 


    Went around to share things members are excited and optimistic about to start the year. 


    Next meeting: Monday, September 14th