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    We Need You!

    Whittier needs volunteers of all kinds — everyone from those willing to lead big events, to those who will take on support roles, to those who can do small projects at home, to those who can commit to ongoing commitments, to those who can lend a hand at individual events. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nannies – everyone is welcome! 

    Annual Events and Activities

    Whittier offers a wide variety of opportunities each year to celebrate our Wildcat community of students, staff and families. Many activities depend on volunteer support, ranging from event chairpersons and committee members, to event shift volunteers and professional expertise. See the list of Annual Events & Activities.

    Contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinators at to volunteer for any of Whittier’s annual events and activities.

    Parent Representatives

    PTA Board Members
    PTA Board members learn how the PTA and school operate together and side-by-side, and play an important role in decisions that affect student academic and enrichment experiences.

    Executive committee positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer. Committee chairs include Communications, Fundraising, Events, Programs, Legislative Rep, Membership, Outreach, Hospitality, and Volunteer. There are also editors for the WildChat (electronic newsletter) and the website; these are not board positions, but work with the Communications Chair. 

    Read all the PTA job descriptions.

    PTA Annual Financial Review Committee Member
    The PTA seeks one PTA member volunteer annually to assist with the PTA annual financial review. The financial review involves an examination of the financial transactions of the PTA and the procedures used to conduct those transactions.

    PTA Budget Committee Members
    The PTA seeks two PTA member volunteers annually to serve on the Budget Committee. The committee reviews the PTA's goals and objectives in the winter before submitting a recommended budget to the PTA Board, typically in late March.

    PTA Nominating Committee Members
    The PTA seeks 3 to 4 PTA member volunteers annually to serve on the Nominating Committee. The committee is responsible for soliciting and coordinating nominations for the following year’s open PTA Board positions.

    BLT Parent Representatives
    The Whittier Building Leadership Team (BLT) is a committee that acts as an advisory body, developing recommendations for the consideration of the Principal and/or staff for final approval regarding the school’s Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP); professional development plan; and budget. Two parent representatives serve on the committee alongside staff and teacher representatives, and are responsible for gathering input from and representing Whittier parents in the best interest of the school as a whole.  Parent representatives to the BLT serve staggered two-year terms. The BLT meets monthly September - June, and more frequently during budget planning months (typically February and March).

    Working With Whittier Staff

    Teachers often utilize parent support in the classroom. As needs vary from class to class, please contact your child’s homeroom, math or PCP teacher directly if you are interested and available to volunteer in the classroom or provide support from home.

    Volunteers are needed in the Whittier lunchroom each day to help serve lunch, assist children who are learning their PIN numbers and to advise on lunchroom etiquette. Typical tasks may include: assisting with food service, assisting with crowd control, helping kids focus on eating, addressing calls for help, granting bathroom permission, and keeping an eye on proper sorting of trash, recycling and compost. Please contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinators ( if you are interested and available to volunteer in the lunchroom.

    Recess is an important time for students to socialize, get fresh air and stretch their limbs. Ideally, the Whittier playground runs best with 1-2 parent volunteers who can support the Whittier playground staff during each recess period, each day. Volunteers assist children in making smart, safe and friendly choices on the playground. Please contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinators ( if you are interested and available to volunteer on the playground.

    Our wonderful library thrives with the ongoing support of parent volunteers who assist with classroom book returns; student book check-in / check-out services; shelving returned titles; keeping the library clean; book displays; labeling, covering and repairing books; and helping students locate titles. Please contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinators ( if you are interested and available to volunteer in the library.

    Nature Bridge (5th Grade only)
    Fifth graders attend a 3-day residential outdoor science program led by experienced educators. This trip requires parent chaperones (number varies depending on size of student group).

    Field Day
    Field Day is an afternoon of outdoor games, activities and popsicles for all students to celebrate the upcoming end to the school year. This event is organized by Mr. Pule but requires significant parent support, typically organized through an online Sign Up Genius. Please contact Mr. Pule if you would like to lend a hand managing the effort.

    School Musical
    Parents with building, audio, lighting, theatrical and/or organizational skills are encouraged to lend their expertise to Ms. Steph in support of the annual musical. Please contact Ms. Steph directly if you are interested and available.

    STEM Fair
    The STEM Fair is a great opportunity for students to meet and hear presentations from STEM professionals. These interactive sessions, coordinated by the Chair with the help of volunteers, are intended to spark students’ interest in conducting their own individual/group STEM projects. These projects are shared with parents, staff, and other students on the night of the Fair itself. Families can view the projects and participate in a series of fun, hands-on, STEM-themed activities.


    Ballard Market Receipts
    Ballard Market donates 1% of total receipts that families save and submit to the Ballard Market receipts container in the Whittier lobby. Receipts from Whittier parents can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This effort requires a coordinator to collect, tally and submit the collected receipts to Ballard Market.

    Boxtops for Education
    “Box Tops for Education” are labels found on participating brand products. Families cut the label from each package and submit it to the Box Tops container located in the Whittier lobby. Each label is worth $0.10. This effort requires a coordinator to organize and submit the collected Box Tops.

    Scrip Card Sales 
    Whittier purchases popular gift cards for a reduced rate, and then sells these cards to Whittier friends and families for face value—Whittier keeps the difference as profit. This effort requires a coordinator to manage gift card purchases and sales.

    Annual Giving Campaign
    During the Annual Giving Campaign, Whittier seeks to raise a significant portion of its annual fundraising goal through a direct appeal to families. This effort requires a Chairperson to oversee the communication, donation collection, and record keeping required.

    School Auction
    The biennial auction is Whittier’s biggest fundraising effort, consistently earning over $120,000 to help support Whittier students and staff. Volunteers are critical to the auction’s success and there are many opportunities to contribute, from auction chairs, to bankers, to procurement members and more…the list is long, but the reward is great!

    Sponsorship Team
    The Sponsorship Team will solicit sponsorships from larger businesses that may wish to pay for the publicity of a sponsorship over the donation of goods or services. The Sponsorship Lead will work with the Auction Chair(s) to determine sponsorship levels and guidelines.

    Slideshow Coordinator
    The Slideshow Coordinator will be responsible for gathering photos that represent the total student body and putting those photos into a slideshow presentation to be shown during the Raise the Paddle portion of the live auction. The Coordinator will also need to receive photos of all live auction items from photographer(s) and work with Auction Chair(s) to make sure they match with the auctioneer's order of items. Other responsibilities include being available the night of the live auction to run the slideshow. Audio responsibilities may also be included.

    Ticket Sales
    The Ticket Sales coordinator will work within the auction software system to keep track of how many tickets are being sold, assigning ticket holders to a table for the live event, and keeping track of teacher donated tickets. Responsibilities may also include working with the Auction Chair(s) to assign bidder numbers.

    Website Coordinator
    The Website Coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining the homepage of the auction website. This website will need to link into the established software that is used for the auction. This position will work with the Auction Chair(s) on messaging and timelines, the Marketing/Design team on overall look and feel, and the Online Auction Team on various items.

    Volunteer Coordinator
    The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for familiarizing her/himself with the roles and volume of volunteers needed for the live event and spearheading the recruitment of volunteers. This includes reaching out to other area schools to arrange labor swaps for their auctions, creating a volunteer schedule for auction night, providing volunteer training the day of the event, organizing a meal for volunteers, and recruiting for post­ auction item collection days. The Volunteer Coordinator will also need to work with the Auction Chair(s) regarding timelines and budget.

    Catalog Team
    The Catalog Team will work with the Online Auction Team to export item descriptions to be formatted into a paper catalog for the night of the auction. Duties also include negotiating with a printer for catalog printing (including pricing), finding a software system (such as Adobe) to build the catalog, finding volunteers (including the Writing Lead) to help with proofreading, working with the Marketing Team for catalog look and feel (e.g., fonts), and working with the Auction Chair(s) regarding timelines and budget.

    Writing Team & Editor
    The Writing Team will gather donation forms on a daily basis and enter fun and compelling descriptions into the online auction system. They will follow up with the donor to clarify any questions regarding the donation. 
    The Team Lead will be responsible for editing all descriptions entered into the auction software. The Team Lead will also help to edit the auction catalog before it goes to print. The Team Lead will work with the Auction Chair(s) to come up with the tone of the entries and any guidelines.