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    BLT Meeting Minutes 10/5/20

    Facilitator: Stephanie Clark
    Recorder: Rebecca Adamson
    Temperature Check: Elisa - Is everyone having an opportunity to participate? How are people feeling?
    On Task: Katie Lyden - Keep us moving through the agenda
    Invited/Members: Monica Ganyard, Brennan Buck, Staci Barrett, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden, Jared Ogle, Rebecca Adamson, Jason Sciarrone, Elisa McCulloch, Morgan Leming, Stephanie Clark, Deanna Baldi - (all staff present, missing Anna Hume)

    Teams Norms for BLT members:

    •Join with muted microphone.
    •Turn your video camera on so we can see each other.
    •Raise your hand when you would like to talk? – 
    Identify yourself when you speak. •Be respectful and courteous in chat.

    Celebrations: Whip Around!

    Parent Teacher Conferences and PD/Early Release

    PD Early Release Ballot – Forms
    BLT previewed a Forms survey that will be sent out to staff. Will be sent out on Wednesday during staff meeting so there will be time to discuss.

    October 9th – Input to Agenda:

    PTA – Bringing in a grab and go breakfast for staff.
    – 9:30: Complete Safe Schools Training: Independent Work (9:00 – 9:30 Morgan will be available in Break out room 1 for Seesaw Q and Liz will be available in Breakout room 2 for other tech questions.)
    – 11:30: Evaluation Timeline/Process/ Time to Set your Goals in Eval
    – 12:30 LUNCH (Can we do something as a staff?)
    – 1ish – Data and MTSS as related to CSIP Goals (Information)
    – 3:00 Time to work your plan with your grade level team:

    • Looking at data and making a MTSS plan for small group.

    • Planning and publishing common formative assessments connected to seesaw portfolio and

      skills to support your Evaluation Goal (and of course student progress)

    • Planning and preparing resources for curbside pick-up.

    • Planning Small multi grade BAR small group – K and 1

    • Assessing student work together to get a baseline for your

    • Planning collaborative lessons – specialists etc.

      CSIP Goals
      Elementary Focus Goal: 3rd Grade English Language Arts
      By Spring of 2022, 90% of our third, fourth and fifth grade students furthest away from educational justice will read and write at or above grade level according to state, district and classroom assessments.


    By the spring of 2021, all of Whittier first graders will have reached proficiency of the BAR set


    five mastery assessment.

    By the spring of 2021, all of Whittier second graders will complete BAR reader set 10 and read proficiently as measured by to district, CCC Assessments and MAP.

    Social Emotional Goal

    By spring break of 2021, multiple data points will reveal, that students furthest away from educational justice will view Whittier as a welcoming and safe environment. The SEL goal will be measured by student attendance rates, visits/referrals to the office or nurse, PBIS Tier Fidelity Walk Through results, data from PBIS Recognition System, and student surveys.

    For the 2020-2021 school year, by utilizing teacher and office data, 100% of our student body will be publicly recognized or celebrated at least three times through our PBIS school wide and classroom recognition system.

    • Paw Print Award Winners announced during assembly and in an announcement on


    • Paws-itive Postcards

      Family Connections Goal

      • • • • • • • • •

      Budget Will be proposed:

    • $8,000 in supplies

    • $8,000 equity – MTSS – Stamp $600

    • $2,000 library

    • $10,000 in supervision or additional support in preparing resources – 4 hours a week for K-2

      and 3-5: Break out room supervision or resource support.

    could these funds be used as something other than supervision?
    report back to next meeting any ideas from grade levels on how to share equitably

    • $1500 – Elementary Stipend (TBD)

    • $500 per grade level (rolled over from last year school supply donations)

    for consumables
    Can parent volunteers help supervise students online during class time?

    --yes, Monica will share volunteer info from SPS website

    Close out / Meeting adjourned at 3:43 Next Meeting 11/2/20


    Birthday Postcards


    Birthday announcements on Seesaw

    By spring break of 2021, all families will authentically engage with the school at

    least three times a year as measured by teacher data tracking system.

    Family Connection Meetings

    Parent Conference

    Writing Celebration

    Family Education Evening

    Phone Conferences

    PTA Family Fun Events


    Back to School Night

    Zoom Meetings


    For the 2020 – 2021 school year, all families furthest away from educational justice will


    authentically engage with their child’s teacher at least three times a year.