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    12/7/20 BLT Minutes
    Stephanie Clark
    Temperature Check: Deanna - Is everyone having an opportunity to participate? How are people feeling?
    OnTask: Monica - Keep us moving through the agenda
    Recorder: Rebecca Adamson - Non Voting Member
    Invited/Members: Monica Ganyard, Brennan Buck, Staci Barrett, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden, Jared Ogle, Rebecca Adamson, Jason Sciarrone, Elisa McCulloch, Morgan Leming, Stephanie Clark, Deanna Baldi
    Absent: Anna Hume, Katie Lyden

    Teams Norms for BLT members:

    •Join with muted microphone.
    •Turn your video camera on so we can see each other.
    •Raise your hand when you would like to talk? – 
    Identify yourself when you speak. •Be respectful and courteous in chat.

    Celebrations: Whip Around!

    Old Business:
    • Parent Conferences/Report Card Reflections (10 Min)

    Went really well, learned a lot from parents: where they are and what they need. Got a lot of praise for all the hard work teachers are putting in.

    One carryover is that conferences on Teams works really well for most. It makes it so much easier for parents to attend and engage. Parents do not have to worry about finding child care. Easy for specialists to bounce between conferences. It would be great to keep that as an option even after remote learning is over. Feels more laid back and comfortable. Student led conferences would work best in person.

    Seesaw skills report was really helpful for parents to understand what the kids are doing. It also has made report cards easier to complete. It was also nice to make a conference folder in Seesaw, made it really easy to share student work.

    • In Person Learning - Outdoor School - (10 Min)
    Today we had our first day with two students for in person learning. It went really well!

    They are using the 1st / 2nd grade breezeway doors. It would be helpful for staff / teachers to know when students will be in the building so they can avoid those areas. Rebecca will add the in person schedule to the daily bulletin.

    Outdoor School application has been approved. Tomorrow district people will visit Whittier. The plan is to do 2 hours on Wed mornings 8:30-10:30. It will be held outside in the covered play area and slightly beyond.

    SEA email regarding in person learning. There is talk about preK-2 starting as early as March 1st. Not many details. Proposal was based on number of cases. It is good to plan, but go along with the recommendation.

    • COVID Safety
    Our building has been doing a great job being safe! We do not have enough building use

    / teachers in building to make a schedule other than adjusting the office schedule to only

    have one person in the office at a time.

    • Share CSIP goal for families / PBIS goal
    We are tracking ways staff reach out to kids. But students are still feeling disconnected

    from each other and lonely – how can we find ways for them to feel more connected? Other things we are doing to help kids feel connected: small group instruction, started

    small groups/clubs, lunch bunch, classroom buddies, 30 min a day connecting with kids

    from their class during lunch.
    Looking for parent involvement to help monitor online student interactions.

    What are the extra volunteer requirements in order to make this
    Could we use playground supervision funds to help supervise lunch groups? Jason will work with the 2nd & 3rd grade teams to coordinate a lunch bunch.

    New Business
    • SEL – Stipend Position

    Have had 3 people interested in this position. We need to look more closely at this and see if we need a process to decide who takes the position. Victoria Kemery will be our SEL district rep.

    • 504 Offices – Tutoring (MTSS)
    This is a 30 day program. Have had one para-educator and one teacher volunteer so


    • School Board and Superintendent are exploring in person instruction in March.

    • TLC – Working a Plan to use the 80 Hours!

    O'Leary, Campbell, Mayo, Leming are our leaders. Talk to them about how to use these hours to your advantage!

    • PBIS – January – Reviewing Matrix for PBIS Matrix for Online and Possibly In Person!

    Thinking about moving the meeting time to 1:00 on Wednesdays to get more participation. Talking about meeting during an all staff meeting to discuss further. PBIS and SEL interface, could that be included in the discussion? How can we use that 30 min a day of connection time?

    • 1500 – Elementary Stipend – SBA Coordinator – Elisa is willing to coordinate – suggest $500.
    This has always gone to our before school recreation. How can we use it this year? Is there a criteria for how this stipend is used? Staci will look into the requirements. It

    may be that every kid has access to what this is paying for. Interims for SBA are not required at this time.

    • Literacy Assessments – Exploring using the ORF and 3, 4, 5 – addition to Whittier's CCC literacy curriculum Whole Class SIPPS or Rewards – 15 minutes direct instruction three times a week.
    We will bring this back to the table next month and could possibly bring a district person

    to help us have this discussion

    • Other
    Could PTA help recruit volunteers for lunch supervision? Would teachers have the

    energy for after school programs?
    What about themed lunch clubs? Pokemon, Lego, Minecraft, Comic Club, Talent Show