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    1/4/20 BLT Agenda and Minutes
    Stephanie Clark
    Temperature Check: Monica - Is everyone having an opportunity to participate? How are people feeling?
    On Task: Morgan - Keep us moving through the agenda
    Recorder: Rebecca Adamson – Non-Voting Member
    Invited/Members: Monica Ganyard, Brennan Buck, Staci Barrett, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden, Jared Ogle, Rebecca Adamson, Jason Sciarrone, Elisa McCulloch, Morgan Leming, Stephanie Clark, Deanna Baldi, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden
    Absent: Katie Lyden, Staci Barrett

    Teams Norms for BLT members:

    •Join with muted microphone.
    •Turn your video camera on so we can see each other.
    •Raise your hand when you would like to talk? – 
    Identify yourself when you speak. •Be respectful and courteous in chat.

    Whip Around Check In:

    How are you feeling about in person learning / returning to the building?

    Old Business:

    • Outdoor School
    We have not heard when we will get the okay to start. Still waiting for details. All but one student is interested in Outdoor School. One student would like

    transportation. • In Person School

    A survey will go out to staff and families asking how they feel about returning to in person school.

    The 5 kids we have doing in person learning so far are doing great!
    • Essential Functions of Elementary Stipend / Building Budget & PTA Budget (building needs

    to make a decision)

    General Summary

    This position is held in addition to a classroom teaching assignment. Responsibilities include tutoring students before or after school, or coordinating a child study team to develop plans for at-risk students.
    Essential Functions

    Depending upon assignment and building needs, the Elementary Instructional performs some or a combination of several of the following:
    ▪ Tutors students individually or in small groups in a variety of learning activities to

    promote student understanding of materials presented. Provides encouragement, reinforcement and achievement of educational objectives and goals defined by classroom teacher (s).

    • Supervises student use of school library before or after school; provides a variety of library learning activities to promote student use and understanding of library.

    • Coordinates child study team to develop plans for at-risk students; prepares materials for team; reviews referrals and assessments; participates in problem identification and resolutions; takes notes at meetings; writes and distributes meeting summaries.

    • Communicates with classroom teacher(s) concerning individual student progress; adjusts methods to meet the needs of a wide variety of students.

    • Plans, develops and implements remediation or enrichment activities.


    ▪ Monitors student behavior during tutoring or library time. Models appropriate behavior. Corrects behaviors and maintains discipline according to established policies and procedures.

    Can we pay Elisa for her time planning for Interim SBA?
    Could this be used for an extended school year for kids that need extra support

    due to online learning?
    Tutoring for extra support?
    Could it be used for assessments?
    We have supervision and equity money to spend.

    ▪ Could be saved for in person learning down the road.

    ▪ F&P assessments once we get back to in person. • SBA Interim not required

    Steph will meet with 3rd and 4th to see if this is something they are interested in. It was challenging for the 5th grade group.

    New Business:

    • January PD Input IXL

    ▪ IXL webinar training this Wednesday at 1:30 for staff. There is also a science training that day for K-2, so hopefully 3-5 will be able to attend. Steph will ask if another webinar can be scheduled to accommodate K-2 or at least record the webinar so it can be shared with K-2.

    PBIS / SEL

    • ▪  PBIS has discussed publishing a PBIS matrix for online learning. What are some

      behaviors that would be helpful to include?

      • Chat use. Kids reprimanding other kids for chatting, negative comments

        (unintentionally or intentionally)

      • Cameras on.

      • Honoring WiFi troubles.

      • Know the process of getting support. How to get support from peers / teachers /

        look up online / etc.

      • How to stay focused and on task when teachers are giving direction.

      • What does active listening look like?

      • Having materials available and ready to go.

    • ▪  Victoria Kemery will be our SEL lead this year.

    Race & Equity

    ▪ Meeting as a staff on January 20th. Looking at a way to allocate time for specific goals based on the survey that went out.

    • New Student Info: Virtual tour dates (2/4 7pm & 2/5 9am) and registration dates Advertising dates and working on a video to share during the tour


    Staffing is based on enrollment. We should start to get information next month. It will be really tricky if we are not in a position to know what the school year will look like.
    How many students have opted out but might return next fall?
    Not many families held their K students back to wait until this coming fall.

    We are hoping to stick to our 430 enrollment numbers.
    We are unsure whether or not PTA will be able to fund positions in the future.

    Next meeting 2/1/21:
    Returning to in person learning - Staffing for next year - Meeting adjourned: 3:56pm