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    Good Afternoon Whittier Wildcats, 

    I hope everyone enjoyed their mid-winter break and are ready to "Rock" the second part of the school year.  

    We are finishing the month of February celebrating and reinforcing the themes of Honesty and Love.  To be HONEST, one of my goals as the principal of Whittier is that every child LOVES coming to school because they feel safe, respected and valued by our inclusive community.   Please reach out to your teacher or me personally if your child is not having an amazing experience at Whittier. 

    In March staff will start to teach and reinforce the traits of perseverance and patience.  Both are very important.  We have a special group coming this Friday that is an excellent example of both patience and perseverance.

    We are kicking off March with a MASSIVE assembly, Friday, March first.  The students, parents and staff are excited to welcome Massive Monkees.  Massive Monkees are a Hip Hop crew based in Seattle.  Competitively Massive Monkees are known for dominating the national and international battle scene of break dancing and are one of the longest standing crews currently competing. Massive Monkees won their 1st World Championship in 2004 and 2nd in 2013.   

    The Massive Monkee assembly is sponsored once again by the Whittier PTA.  I hope you are able to support our PTA.  (Spring Fling Plug Coming!) 

    Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Spring Fling on Saturday, March 9th.  

    Tickets are available at until Wednesday, March 6th.  This event is a great opportunity to connect with other members of our community but is also crucial to help raise funds for our school.  Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Spring Fling on Saturday, March 9th .  Due to both declining enrollment and a Seattle Public School's budget shortfall Whittier's community will have to make some difficult decisions on how to best serve our kids for the upcoming year.  Your support and the funds provided by the PTA make our school a better place for all kids.   

    See you tomorrow!