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    Hello Whittier - Happy Snow Day! 

    I wish I was I was one of those clever principals who spent the day recording a video singing about the joy of a SNOW DAY!    Sorry...that's not me. I do love snow - but can't sing to save my life.   But I do appreciate a good music video. Enjoy your day and please enjoy this snow day video instead. 

    Principal Coffee Rescheduled for Next Monday, Feb 11th @ 8:00 AM.   We will have information regarding the upcoming Whittier STEM Fair, Black Lives Matter Curriculum and Whittier Math goals.  First through fifth grade students completed their second math benchmark.  As a school, teachers and tutors will work to see that ALL students have mastered the essential mast skills to be successful.  Whittier B2 Math Goals.docx   

    Math fluency is one area all students can practice at home.  We hope that ALL of our students have reached the above goals in fluency by March 15th. Many students have achieved proficiency on these goals.  In addition to moving forward with the grade level curriculum we will use our tutors and after school math sessions to make sure all of our students have mastered these basic math facts.  Next month we will focus on our next set of goals so all students can be successful.  If you know your child needs extra practice with the math goals stated above - please let me know so we can make sure we intervene.  Students who have mastered these goals will continue with more advanced curriculum in class. 

    Attached is some additional information about water quality in the Seattle Public Schools.  FAQs about SPS drinking water FINAL.docx 

    We will celebrate Black Lives Matter when school resumes.  On our first day back we are inviting all Whittier students and staff to wear their Black Lives Matter T-Shirt or a black T-Shirt.  In addition, we will integrate some SPS developed curriculum to honor February as Black History Month.  Attached are a list of children's books recommended for Black History Month.

    The Whittier Race and Equity team has worked hard to help students celebrate this month.  Please check out their bulletin board that gets to the heart of Black History.  In addition, every classroom has been engaged in making some incredible art celebrating the week.  The office staff has assembled 7 projects.  They are featured in our foyer.  We have 13 more to assemble and could use some parent volunteers to assist on Tuesday and Wednesday morning or afternoon.  If you have a couple hours of time to give we can use your help.  I would love to have the art up prior to our new student tours.

    Thursday, February 7th we will open our doors for incoming kindergarten families and any new families to Whittier.  We will introduce families to the Whittier Way and take them on a short tour of the school.  Please remind any families that you know to please make sure they have completed the Kindergarten registration through SPS.  We are staffed according to our enrollment projections.  We hope to have an accurate picture of what our student count will be this spring.   Tours will take place at 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM.  

    On Friday, February 8th - the 5th graders are going to Olympia.  I am thankful we have reserved buses for the trip.  Also on Friday, we are inviting all students and families to wear black or their Black Lives matter T-shirts to celebrate the week. 

    Have a great snow day!  

    Principal Clark