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    Dear Wildcat Families: 

    Seattle Public Schools has proclaimed February 4th-8th, 2019 as Black Lives Matter Week. Through our PBIS and RULER work we are dedicated to building and maintaining a strong sense of community and sense of equity with staff, students and families. At Whittier we are committed to fostering a sense of belonging for all our students and their families. It is important that staff, students and families come together to celebrate Black History month and the Black Lives Matter week and strengthen our community. The Seattle Education Alliance and Black Lives Matter have provided teachers with materials and lessons, developed by fellow educators, to use in the classroom that are age and grade level appropriate. We trust that our teachers will use these lessons, facilitate conversations, invite guest speakers, wear t-shirts and develop activities that are appropriate for their classrooms and students.

    Saying Black Lives Matter does not mean that brown, white or “blue” (police) lives do not matter. Rather, saying Black Lives Matter recognizes an important context that involves several centuries of slavery and denial of civil rights to black citizens, the impacts of which continue to this day. Participating in Black Lives Matter Week highlights the value of Black lives because historically, that value has been ignored. At Whittier Elementary, our hope is that the ongoing collaboration with our community to elevate the value of our Black students will ultimately elevate us all. We value all our families and appreciate what all of you bring to the Wildcat community. 

    Please note that t-shirts to support the movement can be purchased through PTA.  T-Shirt order forms should be in student backpacks and are due this Friday, January 18th.   Students should have received a T-Shirt Order form through kid mail.  You can also pick one up in the Whittier office or click on the blue Black Lives matter PDF link in the next sentence.  During the Black Lives Matter Week, students, staff, and parents can wear the BLM t-shirt Black Lives matter.pdf  or a black t-shirt to show their support on Monday February 4th and on Friday February 8th. Thank you for your support of our efforts to build a school culture predicated upon respect, responsibility and safety. Through our continued partnership we grow strong, compassionate and thoughtful leaders for tomorrow!  

    Remember - Tomorrow is Early Release! Please arrange for your child to be picked at 1:10. 

    Thursday - January 17th at 6:30 PM: Join us for a PTA Community Meeting in the Library.  This is time to learn about the upcoming levy and an opportunity to learn more about the budgeting process for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    On Friday at approximately 1:15, the Whittier Race and Equity Team, students and Mr. Chic Streetman have prepared a special assembly to honor and recognize the work and values of Dr. King.

    In honor of MLK Day - No School on January 21st - Monday. 

    Please do your best to have your child to school by 7:50 AM every day! 

    Principal  Clark