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    2/1/21 BLT Agenda and Minutes 

    Facilitator: Stephanie Clark   

    Temperature Check: Morgan - Is everyone having an opportunity to participate?  How are people feeling?   

    On Task: Brennan Buck  - Keep us moving through the agenda  

    Recorder: Rebecca Adamson  - Non Voting Member  

    Invited/Members: Monica Ganyard, Brennan Buck, Staci Barrett, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden, Jared Ogle, Rebecca Adamson, Jason Sciarrone, Elisa McCulloch, Morgan Leming, Stephanie Clark, Deanna Baldi, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden 

    Absent: Staci Barrett 


    Teams Norms for BLT members:   

    •Join with muted microphone.  

    •Turn your video camera on so we can see each other.   

    •Raise your hand when you would like to talk? – Identify yourself when you speak.  

    •Be respectful and courteous in chat. 


    Roll Call Check In: Share recent celebration you have had with your class.  


    Old Business:  

    In Person Learning:  SEA and SPS are passing proposals back and forth. A/B schedule with 2 days in person and 2 days asynch for K-1. It would be helpful to have a parent education night once a solid plan is in place to help them understand what that will look like. Productivity is a concern with the proposed schedule. There are teachers that are potentially not able to come back to in person. 15:1 classes, what will that look like? Reconfiguring classes or just splitting classes in half? Kids and teachers want to stay together as much as possible. 

    Outdoor School: Tentative start date scheduled to be Wednesday Feb 24th.  


    New Business:  

    Staffing and Budget Process 

    • Current Enrollment 409 (Estimations)  
    • Next Year K   ???   
    • First Grade  72 – 3 Focus  
    • Second Grade  66  
    • Third Grade 61 
    • Fourth Grade 66 
    • Fifth Grade 83  

    We will get our staffing and budget the week after spring break.   

    We will be staffed based on our current enrollment.  PTA has limited funds and thinking about the equity piece with funding staff. They are discussing whether or not they will continue to fund staffing. Whittier does not qualify for Title 1 funding, how can we help our students that need specially designed instruction? We get LAP funding that helps pay for our reading specialist. 


    Last year PTA staffed an extra .1 Librarian and .6 Reading Specialist 


    Dear Whittier Community, 

    We had a town hall meeting last Thursday, and we wanted to invite you to look at the presentation slides as well as listen to the zoom recording (more details below). 


    There were two main components; a guest speaker, Dr. Concie Pedroza, SPS Chief of Student Supports, and a budget process overview and discussion. You may find the budget discussion particularly helpful before you complete our PTA values survey.   

    The budget portion included discussion on whether or not we should continue to fund staffing at a percentage of what we typically do, or not at all. For reference, here is a chart that shows what percentage of the PTA budget was spent on staffing last year. 

    As we head into budget season, the Whittier PTA Community is in a situation that we have not found ourselves in the last 5 years. The community made an intentional decision a couple of years ago to spend down the excess reserves in the PTA bank account. With the pandemic precluding us from completing 2 of 3 of our fundraising events in the 2019-20 school year, as well as only having One Big Give this year, we haven’t fundraised to our customary amounts in recent Whittier history. These two factors result in not having the usual amounts of cash in our accounts that typically enable us to commit large grant amounts to the school building.  

    This led us to have a discussion about using this year as a time to break from funding staffing, either to the extent we have in the past, or to eliminate it completely. Many in our community believe that it is inequitable for us to fund staffing while other schools in our district cannot afford to do so, and yet some want to continue funding since the state is not. We also discussed that continuing to fund the gap in funding that has not been provided from the state level is not truly helping things in the long run, and that perhaps our efforts could make a longer lasting larger impact if we shifted them from fundraising to advocacy.  

    We have provided a time index for you to jump in and listen to segments that you’re interested in. We hope that this provides you with more information to make informed choices on your survey. 


    January Town Hall - Zoom recording (available until 3/18 Community Mtg)


    Do we want to discuss extra staffing with PTA budget (if we get any) and equity dollars?  (These dollars are rounded to the nearest thousand...)  

    • 10,000 Equity Dollars  
    • 10,000 Supervision Dollars  
    • 10,000 Self Help  
    • 1,500 Elementary Stipend 

    We need to have our staffing plan figured out by around March 15th


    Next meetings on March 1st and March 8th to discuss staffing