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    Dear Whittier Families, 

    Please accept my apology for this late email.   (I left my charger at school and didn't figure it out until Sunday afternoon.)   I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is ready for the school week.  

    Friday afternoon the Massive Monkees entertained and inspired the Whittier Wildcats.  The overall message and theme repeated throughout the performance was...with hard work, perseverance and grit you can learn to do anything.  The Wildcats will be challenged to create their own routine this month to be performed at an afternoon assembly on March 22nd at 1:15. It is called the "Dance Off' - and I hear it is a blast.   The Massive Monkees is also helping us reinforce the values of perseverance and patience.  

    Also on Friday, the Wildcats congratulated our Global Reading finalists who competed with several other schools in Seattle.  They did an amazing job.  A big shout out to Ms. Newcomb and all of the students that participated in the Global Reading Challenge.  Ms. Maddelford's class was also announced as the winner of the "Golden Spatula Award" on Friday.  Every week we honor classes who are consistently respectful, safe and responsible in the cafeteria.  

    Last week Whittier received it's staffing allocation and budget for the upcoming year.  Seattle Public Schools (“SPS”) and Whittier Elementary will make important budget decisions in March for the 2019-2020 school year. Due to declining enrollment and reduced funding from SPS, Whittier is facing important funding gaps, including staffing cuts, and may ask the Whittier PTA to support our school with an increase in financial support next year. Seattle Public Schools has created a 2019-20 budget development feature button on the district homepage. The button directs people to this page  

    Currently our allocation should keep our K - 1 class size close to 20 per class; while our 2nd and 3rd grade class size will come in around 22 - 24.  We will have to make some decisions with our 4th and 5th grade classes.  We were allocated enough staff to keep our class size to 26 per class.   We are currently working on all of these things and will make decisions at the end of the month.  Please note, we are currently being projected to have 429 students next year.  By our internal audit, we are expected 439.   

    Although the building leadership team makes decisions on our staffing allocation, the Whittier PTA Board relies on family input to help us assess our capacity to support the school budget, including staffing positions. The budget process is complicated. We hope you will take some time to learn more here [link to INTRO PAGE, “Whittier PTA Budget – Seeking Input from the Whittier Community”].  If you’d prefer to make your voice heard now, please respond to our budget survey HERE [link to survey].

    I hope to see you all at the PTA Spring Fling - March 9th, 7:00 PM at the Leif Erickson Lodge.  

    Finally, please mark your calendar for the PTA Community Meeting on March 14—PTA members will vote on important Whittier PTA budget decisions for 2019-2020.


    Thank you,

    Stephanie Clark 

    (This email was created in collaboration with the Whittier PTA) 

    Kate Mathews, Whittier PTA Co-President

    Amy Bryan, Whittier PTA Co-President

    Kelsey Toppenberg, Whittier PTA Treasurer

    Stephanie Chamberlain, Whittier PTA Assistant Treasurer