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    3/1/21 BLT Agenda and Minutes 

    Facilitator: Stephanie Clark   

    Temperature Check: Barrett - Is everyone having an opportunity to participate?  How are people feeling?   

    On Task: McCulloch  - Keep us moving through the agenda  

    Recorder: Rebecca Adamson  - Non Voting Member  

    Invited/Members: Monica Ganyard, Brennan Buck, Staci Barrett, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden, Jared Ogle, Rebecca Adamson, Jason Sciarrone, Elisa McCulloch, Morgan Leming, Stephanie Clark, Deanna Baldi, Anna Hume, Katie Lyden 

    Absent: All present! 


    Teams Norms for BLT members:   

    •Join with muted microphone.  

    •Turn your video camera on so we can see each other.   

    •Raise your hand when you would like to talk? – Identify yourself when you speak.  

    •Be respectful and courteous in chat. 


    Old Business:  

    In Person Learning:  School Board made a decision to make SPED intensive service staff essential workers.  

    • All of our intensive students are receiving some sort of in person services.   
    • On March 11th - it sounds like the students in intensive service program - focus may be going full time.  (We have five students in the Focus Program.)  

    Outdoor School: Ogle – Two successful outdoor sessions.  

    Baldi, Kemery and Maddeford have applied for outdoor schools.   

    Cleaning Schedule – 4 student bathrooms and 4 staff bathrooms that will be cleaned regularly. "Used / Clean" signs are on doors to help communicate with custodians which rooms need to be cleaned. 

    Big Shout Out to Anna Hume and the virtual Whittier Family Fun Night – Big Success!! 


    New Business:  

    Survey Results 


    Staffing and Budget Process – Tentative placement of staff.   Kindergarten is always the place that it is hard to predict and we may have to make adjustments as the real numbers come in Friday before Spring Break  

    • Projections 400 (Estimations)  
    • Next Year K   3 Teachers  23ish per class 
    • First Grade  3 Teachers   22 –23ish per class  
    • Second Grade  3 Teachers  20ish per class  
    • Third Grade   3 Teachers 19/20ish per class 
    • Fourth Grade  3 Teachers 23ish per class  
    • Fifth Grade 3 Teachers 27 per class 

    Good News - Due to staff attrition, that I currently know about, at this point we will not need to displace any of our general ed classroom teachers.  Unless, we decide to collapse one of the gen ed teacher positions to pay for a specialist and a literacy specialist.  We will also have to pay for any overload that occurs due to this decision.   


    2.5 Specialists for 18 teachers  

    Potential Specialists Schedule 21/22 




    Start of School 



    5th Grade 












    4th Grade 






    3rd Grade 






    Specialists Lunch 






    1st Grade 






    2nd Grade 






    Specialists PCP + Open Time  






    30 minutes 


    PCP/Open/  Enrichment/   Supervision 


    110 minutes 

    4 x week, Wednesdays = 35 minutes 


    .2 LAP funds for Literacy  

    $25,000 building funds – equity and self-help dollars - Recommend convert equity dollars in our budget to help fund staffing.  If the building agrees to this we can make this happen.  


    If building budget pays for approximately a .2 staffing... 


     To keep 3.0 Specialist and a .8 Literacy Specialist we will need  .9 FTE which will cost approximately $118,000 


    Average cost of a 1.0 Approximately $130,000 

    You can figure that a .1 .1 cost about $12, 500 


    PTA plus building funds – we have approximately $100,000 

    In the past we have had discussions about .1 nurse, .1 library, math specialist and counseling FTE.  We can add  these later if we have funds, but for now I would like to focus on maintaining staffing.  



    10 Minutes – Read Staff Input and Review notes above:  

    Round One - Each BLT member ask a question or clarification.  

    • Conversation / Comments from members:  
    • Split classes / WSS gives us 12.5 for K-3 and 5.5 for 4-5, we are able to offer 3 teachers per grade level and avoid splits at this time. We will continue looking at these numbers. We get our enrollment mid-April. 
    • Staff comment: It is so hard to try to make a plan when we don’t even know what we are planning for.  We have to make a plan knowing that we don't know what next year will look like. 
    • Staff comment: Equity lens – a lot of staff said we should not use PTA funds to staff positions. What will it take for the district to properly staff schools? As a group, we need to decide if we will accept the funding from PTA to pay for staff.  
    • BLT has agreed to send a proposal to PTA for funding staffing in 1.0 Literacy Specialist and 3.0 Specialists 
    • Staff asked about a .5 Certificated Core, which has not been offered the last 2 years 
    • What does it look like if you have 2.5 specialists? Could we have 3 .8 positions? It would be nice to see examples of each schedule option. Brennan will call around to see what that looks like. 
    • From a parent point of view, it is important for kids to have familiar faces when they return to the building. 
    • Member question: Are there any staff members that would prefer to teach remotely? 
    • How many students are we short before we get additional staffing? About 20. We are planning with the district's projections. 
    • Staff comment: Dsylexia initiaive is asking for more without helping to fund which makes having  a literacy specialist that much more important. 
    • Staff comment: I need a literacy specialist to support me and SIPPS. 

    Round Two – Each BLT make a proposal on how we can best use funds for our students needs next year.   

    • Conversation / Comments from members:  
    • If there were 3.0 specialists, could they contribute in another way to support literacy or other needs during their "free time / time without kids"? 
    • Before we ask for more staff (like a counselor, etc), we should first try to keep the staffing we had this year. 
    • Are we okay taking .1 nurse and .1 librarian off the table? 
    • Staff question: If our specialists were all .8 could we move funds from them to librarian or literacy? Specialist allocation may need to stay in specialist category. 
    • After discussion, BLT agreed to focus on literacy specialist and specialists and take .1 nurse and .1 librarian off table at this time. If there are funds later we will come back to this. 
    • Member question: Literacy is so important to our students goals, how can we get creative with money? Asking PTA to fund .4 literacy would give both staff and families what they say they want based on survey results. 
    • We all just want to do what's best for the kids 
    • If we surplus another teacher (and have 17 classrooms) we would overload those classrooms and have to pay out of our building budget. 
    • This is not something the BLT will recommend.  


    Round Three – Let's put together an ask for PTA.   

    • We will ask PTA to fund both literacy and specialist 100% (current or more) and once we hear back will bring scenarios / options to the next meeting to have a better visual on what that will look like. 


    Wednesday 3/3/21 at 1:30 there will be short staff meeting to answer any questions. 


    March 8th - BLT Make a proposal for staff to vote.