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    The Whittier Building Leadership Team (BLT) is a committee that serves as the overseer of the school’s Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and professional development program, and as facilitator for the development of the school budget. BLT committee members are responsible for gathering input from and representing their constituents in the best interest of the school as a whole. Members serve staggered two-year terms. The committee acts as an advisory body that makes recommendations to the Principal or Teachers for final approval. For detailed information regarding the BLT, please refer to the BLT Bylaws.

    2020-21 Committee Members:

    Parent Representatives
    Anna Hume, Katie Lyden
    Parent Representatives can be reached at

    Primary (K-2nd) Classroom Teachers
    Morgan Leming (2nd grade teacher) and Stacie Barrett (1st grade teacher)

    Intermediate (3rd-5th) Classroom Teachers
    Deanna Baldi (3rd grade teacher) and Jared Ogle (4th grade teacher)

    Certified Specialists
    Brennan Buck

    Elisa McCulloch

    SEAOP Represented Classified
    Monica Ganyard

    Administrative Team
    Principal Stephanie Clark and Assistant Principal Jason Sciarrone

    Invited Community Member
    Cindy Lewan (Whittier Kids Director)

    2020-21 Meetings