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    Hi Whittier Families : 

    It was an amazing Wizard of Oz weekend.  A big congratulations and thank you to all families, students and staff participated in such a wonderful event. I am truly amazed by what a community can accomplish when they come together.  

    Also - thank you for all of your contributions to the Ballard Food Bank. 

    This week our 3rd - 5th graders will be completing the math state assessment.  The students have been focused and working hard to complete the assessments.   Please remind them to take their time and to double check their work.  Also you can remind them if they get stuck they can skip a problem and come back to it.  As the temperature increases don't forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. 

    MAP Testing Completed Math on May 6th: 

    Leming, Castillo, Mayo (Great Job) 

    MAP Testing:  Math
    May 20th - Smart, McGrath, Leming 

    May 21st - Reading

    Smart, McGrath and Mayo

    May 22nd Math 

    Hansen, Barrett

    May 23rd Reading 

    Newton, Castillo , Newton (Math) 

    May 24th Reading 

    Hansen, Barrett 

    Preparing for 2019-2020 School Year!  

    At this time, here is our classroom configuration for the upcoming school year.  We will monitor our numbers and make adjustments as needed.   It is really important that any new students enroll in Whittier early so we can plan accordingly. 

    • Four Kindergarten Classrooms
    • Three 1st Grade Classrooms
    • Three 2nd Grade Classrooms 
    • Four 3rd Grade Classrooms 
    • Five 4th and 5th Grade Classrooms - We are still working on how we will best serve these students with five teachers. The district staffs our 4th and 5th grade classrooms at 28.  So we are trying to create balanced classrooms for next year's intermediate students. 

    Classroom Assignments: 

     As a building we are working to create strong grade level teams that work together to best benefit all students. Teachers and administrators will  concentrate on creating classroom lists that are balanced so that students receive a consistent and equitable experience in any classroom.  With our work in PBIS and Ruler we are  confident that every student will have a strong learning environment for the 2019-2020 school year.   I invite parents to write a letter or email to your classroom teacher that might provide insights that might be helpful information that your classroom teacher can take into account when creating next year's class lists.   For example you might want to share with your classroom teacher that there might be a peer match that might not be positive for your child, or you may share your child's strengths and/or an area of need that might be helpful for your child. We request that NO specific teacher requests be included in your letter or email.  We do not want teachers to be put in a place where parents are making positive or critical judgments about their colleagues.  

    In June, staff will begin creating class lists.  Teachers will be creating lists with no teacher identified.  The focus will be to create balanced classes.  Class lists will be turned into the office on June 12.  The administrative team will make adjustments to class lists as our population changes over the summer.  Staff will receive their class lists in August and teacher assignments will be released to families on August 28th during our back to school Social/Fill it In event. 

    Please help us keep class lists accurate and balanced.  Please let us know if you are not returning to Whittier Elementary next year.  Simply send an email to Monica Ganyard -

    Looking forward to: 

    May 17th Ballard Parade 

    May 20th - K - To Ballet

    May 22nd and 23rd - Nordic Heritage Museum

    May 23rd - 4th Grade Field Trip to Washington State Museum 

    May 28th - 3rd Grade Field Trip to  Blake Island 


    Thanks for all you do!