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    The Whittier PTA Board

    Please feel free to contact any board member about the PTA and any ideas you may have for our school. Email addresses for Board members are listed below. We appreciate your input and look forward to seeing you at the PTA meetings and around the school!

    Kate Mathews & Amy Bryan

    Vice President,
    Kellie Pecoraro

    Sascha Demerjian & Beth Goldsmith

    Kelsey Toppenberg

    Assistant Treasurer,
    Stephanie Chamberlain

    Fundraising Co-Chairs,
    Justin Fenton & Mark Butler

    Events Co-Chair,
    Femeke Cabernard & Kim Kocher

    Programs Co-Chair,
    Jennifer Mannheim

    Legislative Representative,
    Andrea Landis

    Membership Chair,
    Hilarie Sander

    Outreach Co-Chairs,
    Amy Patrick & Kristin Ford

    Hospitality Co-Chairs,
    Gail Olsen Laing & Cherise Gaffney

    Volunteer Co-Chairs,
    Elena Aldinger & Tina Lilley

    Communications Chair,
    Erin Lancione

    PTA Non-board Positions

    Diversity and Inclusion (DANDI) Committee Chair,
    Donna Chavis
    Auction Chair
    Tracy Yetter
    Cherise Gaffney & Marissa Shelnut
    Fall Carnival
    Amy Bryan
    Kelsey Toppenberg
    Cherise Gaffney & Shannon Schiernbeck
    STEM Fair
    Emily Clark & Andrea Landis
    Staff Liaison
    Karen Gustafson
    Communications Sub-Committee
  • Website Editor, Alice Chang,
  • WildChat Editor, Adriane Berman,

  • What do all these people do? Board Position Descriptions for a detailed description of job duties.