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    For children bringing lunch from home, we encourage parents to pack nutritious foods in easy-to-open containers. 

    Whittier's cafeteria offers breakfast and lunch. Breakfast and lunch menus are planned by Seattle Public Schools. Students are issued a lunchroom ID number that tracks purchases electronically with reminders sent home when balances are low. Schools are not permitted to extend credit to students.

    The lunchroom manager is able to assist with forms and information regarding the federally funded free and reduced lunch program.

    Meal Prices

    Elementary Students
    Breakfast: $2.00
    Lunch: $3.00
    (no charge for Reduced price meals)

    Breakfast: $3.25
    Lunch: $4.75

    Paying for School Meals

    SPS offer a variety of convenient ways to pay for school meals:
    • To pay for meals online, families can access PayPams
      Note: PayPams require the student's Student ID number or meal account pin number (provided by the school). The Student ID number can be found on report cards or by accessing The Source. PayPams charges users a payment transaction of $ 1.95 per student for each transaction.

    • Checks and cash are always accepted by the manager of the lunchroom either as a pre-paid deposit to a student's account or for purchasing individual meals or milk/juice. Please make checks payable to Nutrition Services.
    Families that would like to apply for free and reduced lunch can submit online application.

    Cafeteria Rules

    • Be responsible for cleaning your area.
    • Dispose of compost, recycling, and garbage in the appropriate containers.
    • Return trays gently to the cafeteria counter.
    • Use inside voices and appropriate table manners.
    • Remain at your table until excused by a cafeteria supervisor.
    • Do not share food.

    Read more about SPS Nutrition Services.

    News from the Lunchroom

    My name is Jo Simonian and I am the lunch lady here at Whittier. I would like to
    invite your child (and you, too!) to breakfast and/or lunch any day throughout the
    school year. I always love seeing the kids in line. They definitely brighten my day.

    Breakfast is served every day starting at 7:35 am. Cereal is always available or they
    can choose a main entrée that changes each day . The entrée menu includes egg
    and cheese muffins, mini turkey footballs, egg omelet and toast, yogurt parfait
    breakfast pizza, mini blueberry waffles and pancakes, and oatmeal among others.
    Fresh fruit, milk, and juice is also available. Breakfast is $2.00 for the students and
    $3.25 for adults. If they would like both the entrée and a cereal just add 50 cents.

    Lunches start at 10:30 am for the second and third graders, 10:50 am for kindergarten
    and first graders, and 11:10 am for the 4th and 5th graders. There are always several
    main entrees available daily including a vegetarian option and yogurt. My favorite
    part of the lunch menu is the amazing salad bar. Fresh fruits and vegetable are
    served every lunch. These can include apples, oranges, bananas, melons, berries,
    pears, kiwi, grapes and others. There are also a wide variety of vegetables includ-
    ing, tomato, cucumber, red and green bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, beans,
    and salad. Milk is also included. Lunch is $3.00 for students and $4.75 for adults.

    Menus are available online at in the nutrition services section.
    I’ll also have them available in the cafeteria and in the rack close to the front

    Every student in Seattle Public Schools is assigned a four digit pin number which
    they can use to purchase food at breakfast and lunch. Typically, the account is
    pre-Ioaded with money by either writing a check made payable to CNS (Child Nu-
    trition Services), payment by cash, or online at I can accept
    both check and cash at school.

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.