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    Recesses are provided to give children an opportunity to take a break from their work, enjoy fresh air, and socialize with friends.  If it is raining hard, children will have an “indoor recess” but most days, children will spend time outdoors.  Please provide your child appropriate clothing for winter months. We go outside unless the weather is REALLY bad. 

    Please read over the recess rules with your child & practice/reinforce them with your child (before school, after school and on weekends and holidays):



    • Play in areas where supervisors can see you – please stay out of the bushes.
    • Climbing on Snorkel is only permitted on the tail (in the play structure area).
    • Tag games are only allowed when supervised in Zone 2.
    • Walking feet in the woodchips.
    • Keep your body to yourself – respect the personal space of others (ex/ play fighting).
    • We are a weapon free zone – that includes gun play.
    • Fighting on the playground is a major behavior and results in a direct referral to the office.
    • Include others – any student may join a game. If you want a break from others, you can remove yourself and play independently.
    • You can enter the building after asking the supervisor in Zone 3 for permission and a hall pass (bathroom, nurse).
    • Protect the environment – do not climb trees or pick leaves/branches from bushes. 
    • When the bell rings, put all equipment away and line up right away.
    • Always walk on the right when entering and exiting the building.

    Zone 1

    • Wood Chips
      • Keep wood chips on the ground. 
      • Walking feet in the wood chips.
      • Jumping off playground structures allowed from shoulder height only.
      • Go down the slides on your bottom, feet first, one person at a time.
    • Spinners
      • Wait your turn for the spinners – line up at the designated X and count out loud to 30.
      • The Sol Spinner (with platform) may be used by up to three people at a time (only if invited by the initial person to respect their personal space). Feet must remain on the platform. No one can push the spinner.
      • The Blender Spinner may be used by up to two people at a time. Fee must remain in contact with the bar. No one can push the spinner. 
      • The OmniSpin may be used by up to eight people at a time. You must sit when inside the spinner (never stand!). Keep all body parts inside the spinner. Up to two people can push the spinner. Watch out for friends who fall down!
    • Bars (Parallel bars, monkey bars, LolliLadder, pull up bars, overhead monkey bar ladder)
      • Standing or sitting on top of the monkey bars is not permitted; do not stand or spin on parallel bars; you can spin on the pull up bars.
      • Follow the arrows for the monkey bars and LolliLadder.
      • Traffic on the overhead monkey bar ladder must move from south to north.
      • While using the monkey bars, we are patient and maintain safe bodies at all times.

    Zone 2

    • Blacktop 
      • Balls may be used for kick ball, soccer and basketball. These organized games must be actively supervised.
      • Tag games are only allowed when supervised and safe hands are used.
      • Jump ropes are only allowed when supervised and used appropriately (no tug-o-war or tying up of others).
      • You may not climb on Snorkel.

    Zone 3

    • Blacktop
      • Tether ball, wall ball, four square must be actively supervised.
      • Wall ball is played under the covered area (never by the classrooms) and may be bounced/kicked against the gym wall up to 10 feet high.
      • If a ball leaves the playground, the supervisor must be informed and retrieve the ball. Students are not allowed outside the fence.
      • You may not climb on Snorkel.
    • Picnic Tables
      • Conflict will be resolved at the “problem-solving table.”
      • Benches are for sitting (no jumping or standing). Standing on table tops is not permitted.
      • All materials must be cleaned and returned to bins at the bell.
    • Hall Passes
      • You must ask a supervisor in Zone 3 for a hall pass in cases of emergency, bathroom or nurse visits. Hall passes must be returned. 
      • Six students can be in the building at a time.
    • Equipment
      • All equipment must be cleaned up and loaded into the cart after each bell and placed against the wall.