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    Science Home Learning
    Posted on 04/06/2020
    We would like to thank the Seattle Community for supporting our K-12 Instructional Materials Adoption. These newly adopted instructional materials will now afford us with the opportunity to provide all students with high quality, equitable experiences during this unprecedented time. 

    In the intervening days since the closure of school, colleagues of teachers across the district have been coming together through video conferencing to adapt these adopted materials for our students’ home use. Nothing will replace the teacher in the classroom, but we hope you find these resources helpful to student engagement in grade-level appropriate science learning. 

    We are grateful to our dedicated teachers who will use these tools to keep our students on pace with their learning.  We are also grateful to Amplify Science for grades K-8 and to PEER for Physics for opening their online portals to provide materials to our students, making those materials readily accessible for both online and offline learning. 

    The resources provided below in these tables are a work in progress. We will continue to produce content that can be used at home and will post those resources here as they are developed. Please check back frequently for additional content.

    Most importantly, check in with your science teacher for pacing and accountability requirements.  Your teachers are eager to work with you as you learn new science ideas. 

    Go to Science Home Learning for our COVID-19 Response on SPS website.