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    Performing Arts From Home with Ms. Steph
    Posted on 04/06/2020

    Dearest Wildcats,

    I hope you all are enjoying learning at home, getting outside when you can and dancing a lot. We have been dancing to a lot of K Pop in my house but making sure to start each day off with a little ACDC. It really gets the blood pumping and the brain ready to learn.

    I have loved to hear from some of you that you’re enjoying The videos I made! I have them on a private YouTube channel, so you need to have the link view. All the links are included here, so you can brain dance every morning. I challenge each of you to lead your families in a brain dance every day. I’ll put the instructions on Schoology as well as the Storytime links. Feel free to share the links with others.

    Speaking of story times, I have a new video coming out on SPS TV Friday morning. It’s all about how we can change our voices in order to show we are playing a character. Maybe you can try reading your favorite book using a character voice? Maybe even more than one! This Disney guy is an expert. See if you can figure out if he is changing his pitch, tone or volume.

    There are some great arts lessons on SPS TV and Schoology. Instrumental music lessons, shadow puppets and set design! It makes me happy to know we can use some of this time to learn and create new things. Take this opportunity to make up a dance, act out your favorite story or play an improv game with your families.

    BTW Did you hear the greatest song ever written this week? It’s called “We Built This City on Rock and Roll” by an awesome band called Starship. They have the most magical sense of rock style and their music moves me to tears. Watch the video, you can thank, me later…


    Giant hugs to all,
     Ms. Steph
    PS. April Fools! 

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