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    Bike to School Day Update: We Geared Up!

    Way to go Wildcats!

    Total riders on Wednesday, May 4, Bike to School day: 235 bicycles and over 244 riders! We completely blasted last year's tally of 162 or so out of the water.

    The weather wasn't bad, the playground was swarming with bikes, and there were prizes and goodies for students and teachers who arrived by pedal powered wheel. Well done riders — let's do it again next year!

    Bikes at Whittier for 2015-16 Bike to School Day

    May is Bike-to-School Month!

    Biking to school is not just for one day, though. At the end of the month there will be rewards for the student in each grade with the highest bike minutes accrued and the most days biking in a row. Be sure to turn in your tracking forms so you are eligible for the prizes.

    May is Bike (or Unicycle) Everywhere Month! 

    During the month of May, record your biking miles on a Bike Everywhere Calendar, now available as a download and/or outside the gym. Add up your bike minutes each day you bike to school (or anywhere you need to go) starting Sunday, May 1st. Tally your total minutes, and turn in your calendar to the Bike Everywhere box outside the gym by June 3rd. Mr. Pule will deliver your prizes and add your trip minutes to our school total for Cascade Bicycle Club's area-wide Bike Everywhere Challenge. Let's be the school that has the highest total of minutes for the month. Get out of the car and RIDE!

    Safety First on Bike Day and Every Day

    When you drive to Whittier, please be extra aware of traffic and kids. As a reminder, no drop off, pick up, or parking is permitted in the bus zone on 13th Ave NW. More information on the Whittier traffic plan can be found on our Directions / Transportation page.  

    Thank you for your support!