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    BLT Meeting Agenda/Minutes 


    Date:  March 5, 2018  

    Meeting:   BLT  

    Facilitator: Melissa   

    Recorder: Tori   

    Time Keeper: Kathleen  

    Temp Taker: Cindy  

    Wildcats Present: Sara Schmidt, Rebecca Adamson, Staci Barrett, Julia Brady, Julie Childers, Tori Kemery, Kathleen Durham, Cindy Lewan, Jessica Alberico, Jason Sciarron, Amy Bryan, Kate Matthews, Melissa Schweitzer, Andrea (future parent) 


    Agenda Items         



    Open Forum

    Information Sharing




    Final Count Update






    • Review draft budget proposals and revise

    • PTA input

    • 3rdgrade co-teaching option update

    • Enrollment projections updates to inform classroom configurations




    Next Steps





    • Facilitator:

    • Temp Taker:

    • Time Keeper:

    • Recorder:

    Sharing Ideas




    Open Forum – Time: 2:48 

    Andrea- parent for Whittier Kids preschool for next year to see what plans are for next year 

    Kate Matthews here PTA treasurer to hear budget plans 

    Amy Bryan, legislative rep for PTA  


    Ballots – Time: 2:55 


     Final Count Update   

    • 30 signatures, 26 votes, must hold off on votes 

    • no additional FTE so 22 homerooms not possible 

    • additional info gathered about enrollment: 9 siblings of kinder, 10 kids plans to go to Cascadia 

    • Enrollment office has created a configuration with classes with 2 splits- 2/3 at 25 kids and 3/4 at 28 kids - not reasonable.  

    • Without 22nd classroom, contractual class size recommended by Melissa  

    • Discussion of how this affects Access Program in 3rd grade- seems like 4 classes is a healthier choice (rather than having a floater teacher with 3 classrooms and 4 teachers)  

    Budget – Time:


    • Review draft budget proposals and revise- see attached options sheet with “maintaining current status” 


    • PTA input – last year PTA committed to $133,000 for staffing, knowing that is wasn’t sustainable. If staffing asks continue, the PTA focus would shift from enrichment to funding staffing, Auction money is covering expenses for this year. Auction donations down this year, including staff experiences. Looking at possibly moving away from bi annual auction model. Community feeling the crunch of extra asks, and less funding for enrichment. 


    • What to do know: Raining day fund? What is our priority? We live with .5 VP? Live within our means.  


    • 12000 from instrumental could go towards enrichment within the classroom.  

    • Big Enrichment fieldtrip funded by PTA. 


    • Family survey is wondering where did the money go? Wanting more enrichment, community building, art project 

    • Funding more staffing when other schools do not have the money. 


    • Head teacher vs AP for support 


    • F & P – We need to be using version 3 - We only of 8, given by the district


    • Walk to Math next year?  Issues Classes size, staffing, students moving to another school. 1 & 2 stay with grade level. 3-5 walk will continue as is. Where is the support?  


    • Wish list math tutoring / math specialist. 


    • Envisions Math curriculum will need to wait for another year.  We missed the deadline. 


    • Families what more a balance in the funds, not all towards staffing. 


    • Families feel disconnect with the staff- not enough community  


    • Barinstorming ideas 


    • EMI- 30 students- $472. Per student. Drop to a .5 to fill the library to .1 


    • If we get a 1.FTE we can roll that into a counselor 



    • .5 AP                 No AP ask 

    • .5 Library         Add .1 by taking .05 from EIm      12,364 (?) 

    • .6 Nurse           26,465 

    • .8 Literacy          9,938 


    F&P 15,000 

    EIM 12,364 

    Math tutor/mastertrack  20,000-30,000 


    Total ask 106,099 



    • Nurse  

    • Library .5 vs .6   

    • Literacy 

    • AP – 1. Vs .5 – knowing the history   

    Raise the paddle: The specialist: Nurse & Literacy to split
    . Hoping for a math specialist as well. 


    • Taking off the AP and trading it in for a math specialist 


    • 3rd grade co-teaching option update  

    • Enrollment projections updates to inform classroom configurations   


    Dates from districted office is still on going.  

    Mcleary funding is not clear across the district 



    Next Steps: 

    • PTA will provide hard numbers for this year and funding for next year

    • PTA board meeting this Monday March 11th , all PTA meeting in March 15th 

    • Auction is in need of more staff support 

    • Re-vote Contractual vs District “Mcleary Class Sizes 

    Class Sizes Brainstorming – Floater Teacher in 3rd grade  

    Math & Writing Floating staff– small group. Give 3rd grade team time to plan with those who are supporting the access kids this year and next year. 



    Next Mtg:   


    • Facilitator: Tori Kemery  

    • Temp Taker:  Staci Barrett 

    • Time Keeper: Julie Childers 

    • Recorder: Rebecca Adamson 


    Meeting Adjourned: 6:15 pm