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    Whittier PTA Community Meeting

    Meeting Minutes

    March 15, 2018 



    Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. Proper notice given to all members, with quorum present. See sign-in sheet for list of attendees.

    1. Meeting Minutes Approved

      Kimberly Harms moves to approve the minutes from the May 2017, November 2017 and December 2017 community meetings. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.


    2. President’s Welcome/Updates

      Budget process summary: budget committee formed in January to look at how the current budget is working and make estimates about potential fundraising. We make the decision about staffing grants at this meeting due to district requirements. In May, there will be a second vote on the rest of the PTA budget.


    3. DANDI Update: Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

      Thank you to Donna Chavis and Kristin Wiggins for all their hard work this year. DANDI has had some successes this year, including a student tapestry project representing inclusion and respect that Kate Avneri has been leading, creating childcare options at PTA events, a student and adult reading list with a presentation from the Greenwood Children’s librarian recommending books.


      DANDI is asking for a line item for the PTA budget for next year. This includes leadership training for adults, funding for events, panels and speakers, and outreach. The format for next year will include more outside presenters. DANDI’s next meeting is Tuesday, April 3 in the library. Meeting will discuss budget request and planning for next year.


    4. Treasurer Report

      See attached report. Employer matching has had a big impact this year, thank you! No concerns about budget vs. actuals, please email if you have questions or would like to see the financial report.


    5. Principal Update/Staff funding ask of PTA

      The Building Leadership Team usually meets once a month, but during budget season they meet weekly until the proposed budget is done. Representatives from the PTA also attend BLT meetings during budget season for a collaborative effort toward putting together the best budget.


      Budget is determined by student allocations/per pupil funding, staffing allocations, and projected class configurations.


      The BLT worked to preserve the space for Whittier Kids for the school year 2018-2019, but cannot guarantee the program space in the building the following year.


      Projected enrollment is 465 for next year.


      See attached proposal from BLT for details on the Staffing Request, Instructional Supports, and Enrichment.


      Why this budget? The BLT focused on sustainability and finding balance in supporting staffing, instructional supports, and enrichment. Instructional supports help vary the level of rigor, provide small group instruction and increase home-school connections. Enrichment supports increases student engagement, sense of belonging, develop school pride, apply knowledge beyond the classroom.


      There is a March 20 training from 4 -5 pm to be on the interview committee. Any person interested should contact the office. Anyone is welcome to participate in interviewing potential staff, but you must have the training for your vote to count.


    6. Staffing Proposal – PTA Response

      We funded $134,000 in staffing grants for this school year. With increased cost in salaries, to keep the same positions for next year would cost $143,400. These numbers are not sustainable for the long-term.


      For the staffing grant request for $93,765, your PTA Board recommends approval.


      For the grant for $12,364 to fund an additional .1 FTE instrumental music, your PTA Board recommends reject.


    7. Whittier PTA resolution on Gun violence

    We appreciate so much the thoughtfulness and education in the 17 minutes spent on March 14, 2018 that staff developed. The PTA General Community will vote on a motion to adopt the attached Resolution Advocating for Safe Schools and Gun Violence Prevention Measures.


    Voting Results:

    Motion 1: Approve

    Funding request for staffing grants and instructional supports for 2018-2019 totaling: $93,735


    Motion 2: Reject

    Funding additional .1 Instrumental Music totaling: $12,364

    Motion 3: Approve

    Whittier PTA adopts the resolution presented regarding guns and school safety.


    Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm