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    Whittier PTA Board 

    May 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes


    Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.  Proper notice given to all members, with quorum present.  See sign-in sheet for list of attendees.  Co-Presidents Sascha Dermerjian and James Goldsmith welcomed the community.

    1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

      Mark Butler moved to approve the March 15, 2018 board meeting minutes; motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

    2. Treasurer Report

      Assistant Treasurer Andrew Liese gave the treasurer’s report for March and April. Expenses included the staffing grant and auction expenses.  There were no concerns regarding budget to actuals.  

      Auction Co-Chair Karen Gustafson thanked the community for everyone’s participation in the auction and reported that we have netted approximately $119,000, which meets our budgeting goals.  

    3. 2018-19 Budget Proposal & Vote

      Treasurer Kate Mathews presented the proposed budget.  The budget assumes the annual give and jog-a-thon will continue to raise similar amounts.  We also hope to have a spring fling again in the spring.  We would like to move away from the every other year auction model towards an annual give, jog-a-thon and spring fling model that more closely resembles other schools, does not create a burden on a small group of auction volunteers, and provides more consistency and certainty for fundraising, planning and budgeting.  The budget proposal for 2018-19 includes new Diversity and Inclusion Committee parent education, translation services, childcare for events, as well as funding proposal, professional development and curriculum enrichment line items.  Members asked questions about the budget line items.

                  Cherise Gaffney moved to vote to approve the proposed budget by written ballot.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.  Members voted by ballot.  The budget proposal was approved by a vote of 28 to 1 with none abstaining.

    4. 2018-19 Officer Nominations & Vote

      Vice President and Nomination Committee Chair Kellie Pecoraro reported that the Nomination Committee recommends the following slate of officers for the 2018-19 school year:


      Co-Presidents: Kate Mathews and Amy Bryan

      Vice President: Kellie Pecoraro

      Co-Secretaries: Sascha Demerjian and Beth Goldsmith

      Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer: Kelsey Toppenberg and Stephanie Pirtle 


      Karen Gustafson moved to vote to approve the proposed slate of officers written ballot.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. Members voted by ballot.  The proposed slate of officers was unanimously approved by a vote of 30.

      The Nomination Committee also recommended a slate of board members to fill the additional positions.  These proposed candidates have been recommended to the incoming co-presidents, who are expected to request that the incoming executive committee appoint this slate:

      Fundraising Chair: Justin Fenton

      Assistant Fundraising Chair: Mark Butler

      Events Co-Chairs: Femeke Cabarnard & Kim Kocher

      Outreach Co-Chairs: Amy Patrick & Kristin Ford

      Volunteer Chair: Elena Aldinger

      Communications Chair: Erin Lancione

      Programs Chair: Jennifer Mannheim

      Legislative Representative: Andrea Landis

      Membership Chair: Hilarie Sander

      Hospitality Co-Chairs: Gail Olsen Laing and Cherise Gaffney


    5. Playground Update

      Playground Committee Chair Demian Minjarez reported that the playground is being constructed and is ahead of schedule.  The wood chips will be delivered late, though, so the playground will still be off limits for a couple more weeks. 

      Jog-a-thon Chairs Kelsey Toppenberg and Mark Butler reported on the jog-a-thon scheduled for June 8, 2018. Given that the auction and annual give already raised sufficient funds to support our budget, there is no need to ask that our community contribute more money to our funds.  However, the jog-a-thon is already planned. Therefore, the proposal is to use the jog-a-thon to do a one-time fundraiser for sister school Bailey-Gatzert up to $10,000. Anything raised beyond that amount would be contributed to Whittier PTA.  Members raised both procedural and substantive concerns about this plan and there was a long discussion among the members.  Co-President James Goldsmith recognized that this is a decision for the membership and should be subject to a vote.

      Cherise Gaffney moved to vote by paper ballot to approve a one-time fundraiser for our sister school Bailey-Gatzert for the first $10,000 raised in the jog-a-thon, with any remainder going to Whittier PTA.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.  Members voted by ballot.  The proposed one-time grant of $10,000 was approved by a vote of 22 yes, 6 no and 1 abstaining.

    6. Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DANDI) Committee Update

      DANDI Co-Chair Donna Chavis described the tapestry project that the DANDI committee has undertaken and that will hang in the main hall.  Co-Chair Kristin Wiggins thanks everyone who has contributed to the committee.  

    7. Volunteer Recognition

      Co-President Sascha Demerjian presented a thank you to all of the many volunteers from our many events this 2017-18 school year.  She gave a special thanks to auction chairs Karen Gustafson and Sandra Klay and to the auction committee, and thanked the outgoing board members. 

    8. Golden Acorn Award

      Vice President Kellie Pecoraro presented the Golden Acorn Award to Demian Minjarez for his vision and hard work in making the new playground a reality.  

    9. Getting Involved and Looking Ahead

    The Co-Presidents thanked the membership and looked ahead to the next school year.

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.   Minutes submitted by co-secretary Cherise Gaffney.