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    Dear Whittier Families: 

    I hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend. 

    I want to congratulate and thank all of our first through fight grade students for an outstanding first three days of school.  The students were patient, respectful, kind, and courteous.  Students worked hard to create a classroom charters that will promote respectful interactions that provides all students the opportunity for meaningful learning.  Tomorrow, we are welcoming our Kindergartner students and families.   Families please provide space and support for our youngest students on this special day.  On Monday, the families of kindergartners will be allowed to escort their child to class for the first ten minutes of school.  In the future we ask that you "stop at the door".   Tomorrow, at 8:10, I will provide tissues and coffee in the lobby for Kindergarten parents.  I think it is important to stop and celebrate this important milestone in your child's life.

    Students will have the opportunity to visit the library this week.  We encourage that you establish a routine of reading in your house. If your child is having difficulty finding reading material please reach out to your teacher or are awesome librarian.

    Families we are also looking for volunteers to assist with lunch/recess supervision: We could use two to four volunteers for each lunch.  Please email me if you are interested.

    Lunch Schedule 

    • 10:30 - 11:10 - 2nd and 3rd Grade Lunch/Recess
    • 10:50 - 11:30 - Kinder and 1st Grade Lunch/Recess
    • 11:10 - 11:50 - 4th and 5th Grade Lunch/Recess

    During lunch students need help opening containers.  Additional adult eyes also helps us keep the lunch room clean and manageable.  

    During recess we need volunteers to observe/supervise kickball, soccer, and four square.  We could use extra eyes on the play ground equipment to make sure students are being inclusive and playing safely.  It is nice to have extra bodies to help students walk to the restroom, get a drink, or sort out a problem.  Let me know days and times that you are available. 

    Families, please join us on the Whittier playground for a family potluck and an outdoor movie - Sherlock Gnome Friday, September 14th at 6:00 - 9:00 PM.   

    Save the Date:  Whittier Curriculum Night 6:00 to 8:00 PM - September 20th. 

    Looking forward to a great week. 

    Principal Clark

    Every Child, Every Opportunity, Every Day!