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    Hello Whittier Families, 

    We have had a fantastic start to the school year.  I appreciate your patience as we work to bring all students into the building efficiently and effectively at 7:55 AM.  In order to eliminate congestion, we ask that both families and students avoid using the entryway between 7:50 and 8:05 unless they are entering with their classroom.  At the 7:50 AM bell,  the fifth grade students are entering the school and meeting their teachers in their classroom.  I have also asked Ms. Baldi's and Ms. Maddeford's classroom to enter the school early to avoid congestion.  At 7:55 we have over 300 students who are attempting to enter the building through two doors.  So please do your best to give classroom space to enter safely and efficiently. 

    Whittier staff is hosting their annual curriculum night, Thursday September 20th.  This is a designated time to get an overview of your child's classroom. This is not a time for individual conferences.  You will have time to schedule an individual conference with your teacher in November.  The evening is designed for parents.  However, if you cannot find child care we would still like you to attend.  I am working with Ballard High School students to supervise children over the age of three from 5:45 - 7:25 in our library.   Attached is the agenda for tomorrow evening.   We hope you can join us. 

    Curricular Night 2.docx 

    Enjoy your evening!