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    Hello Whittier Families,  

    I want to thank everyone for the fantastic week.     Looking forward to the following Events! 

    • Principal Coffee in the Whittier Library 8:00 - 8:30 
    • Tuesday, October 2nd is Picture Day

    For the month of October, Whittier Wildcats will have an intentional focus on our pillars - responsible, respectful and safe behavior.  Next week, I have asked the staff and students to help me put name calling to bed.   We will NOT REST until all students feel safe, both physically and emotionally at Whittier Elementary.

    • Friday, October 5th we will celebrate with a school wide PAJAMA DAY - Let's but Name Calling to Bed!

    After we put name calling to bed, we are going to focus our efforts on October 16th with Taproot Theater...

    Your favorite heroes from Camp Super Friend are back for a new adventure! It’s Marvel’s first day at Asteroid Academy and Jet introduces him to Danrelle, a girl with invisibility power, and Tilly, a girl with super-strength and a temper to match. When Danrelle uses her power to steal Tilly’s rocket ball and bully her into losing her temper, Tilly’s reaction puts her in danger of being suspended. Can Tilly learn to manage her emotions in time? Will the students of Asteroid Academy learn the power of the three R’s: Recognizing, Reporting and Refusing Bullying Behavior before their actions cause superhero-sized trouble?

    Don't forget to support the PTA annual give and join us for the Fall Carnival on October 26th! 

    Remember - Respect, Responsibility and Safety - PAWS UP FOR WILDCATS! 

    Principal Clark