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    Dear Whittier Families, 

    I want to thank your kids for an amazing week and highlight some important work coming up.  

    • We continued to highlight our pillars of respect, responsibility and safety in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria and on the playground.  
    • We will continue to reinforce this behavior with positive words, Wildcat Paws, Stamps, and Stickers.
    • On Friday, we will continue to celebrate students success with Friday announcements.  
    • I want to thank the PTA for supporting Whittier students with grants to enhance our technology, STEM resources, and science curriculum.
    • We are looking for parents who are interested in being apart of our technology team as we look in to opportunities to create a Maker Space.  

    Looking forward to a great week: 

    • Monday - Friday" Please remember to send the kids with proper clothes for outside recess.
    • Tuesday - Students will be treated to a live performance by Taproot Theater Company: Super School!  
    • Students will review or learn some new terms.  
      • Bullying is one sided and unfair.  It happens when someone who is more powerful, physically or socially, repeatedly hurts, scares, threatens or leaves out another person on purpose. 
      • Bystander: Someone who witnesses bullying behavior.
      • Supportive Bystander: Someone who witnesses bullying behavior and helps the student being bullied, either by intervening in the situation or by reporting the behavior to an adult. 
      • Tattling:  Telling on someone just to get them in trouble or get revenge.
      • Reporting: Telling on someone to keep you or someone else safe. 
      • Recognize, Report, Refuse: When faced with a bullying situation, it is important to recognize that the behavior is a bullying behavior, report the behavior to a trusted adult who can help you refuse the behavior by staying calm and confident when asking them to stop.  Recognizing, reporting and refusing bullying focuses on safe ways to keep someone/yourself from getting hurt. 
    • Wednesday: Early Release: Don't forget!  1:10 
    • Thursday: On Thursday, the students will participate in the state wide earthquake drill.  Please take a moment to prepare your students.  
      • After the earthquake drill we will practice an evacuation drill.  We really encourage zero voices during our drills.  We want our students and staff to be able to hear any information that may be shared during an emergency. 
    • Friday:  Whittier Spirit Day!  Please wear your Whittier Wildcat gear.  Kindergarten Students are Visiting the Pumpkin Patch.   

    Congratulations Mr. Peterson!  One of Whittier's teachers was presented with a Hero in the Classroom award.    Please read the enclosed press release!  

    10-11-18--Whittier Elementary School Teacher Named Symetra Hero in the Classroom[1].doc 

    We are looking for parents who are interested in being member of our technology team as we look in to opportunities to create a Maker Space at Whittier Middle School. 

    Looking forward to a great work. 

    Principal Clark