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    Greetings Whittier Families, 

    This morning was chilly but dry.  It looks like warm coats and hats are necessary this week for school.  We are still looking for gratitude photos of letter to place on our gratitude tree.  This is the last week to donate to Helping Hands.  There are several mittens asking for $25 gift cards to Fred Meyers or QFC - located in our front lobby.  Donations are due this Friday.

    Looking forward to a great week! 

    Monday Morning Principal Coffee - Thank you all for attending.  This morning we had our literacy specialist Trilby Cohen and our librarian Sarah Newcomb present to give information and answer questions about the following topics: 

    • Family Guide to Selecting "Just Right" Books
    • Information about Global Reading Challenge 4th and 5th graders! 
    • A Parent's Guide to Reading Success: 
    • Making Reading a Family Affair
    • Information about CCC and F and P: A level is a teaching tool, NOT a child's label! 

    I have made a packet available in the lobby for parents that are interested.  

    Looking forward to next coffee - Monday January 14th at 8:00 AM: TOPIC MATH

    Today students were re-introduced to our expectations for lunchtime via a chart.  Students are asked to stay in the green (appropriate noise level) so all children can enjoy their lunch.  Students are asked to clean up after themselves and each other.  Lastly, students are asked to stop and listen when they hear "PAWS up"!  The supervisors at lunch made a visual to give students feedback on their progress.  Lunch groups who earn 9 out of 12 points can earn FUN FRIDAY.

    FUN FRIDAY is a rotation of fun activities - Music at Recess, Free Sit Friday, Popcorn Friday, Ultimate Frisbee, Red Light-Green Light with the Principals.  If you have any ideas for Fun Friday - let us know.  This week we are attempting to reward the lunch or lunches with a popcorn Friday.

    Early Release Wednesday - Please remember pick up is 1:10 on Wednesday. 

    This Wednesday, parents and staff are leading our teachers through hands on activities and discussions a around the digital learning standards.  Teachers will engage in a coding challenge and engage in discussions around hands on activities that can amplify their current curriculum.  We will have experts from the University of Washington, and the district digital learning team to help us to thoughtfully empower our children by leveraging technology.  At Whittier, we hope to challenge our students to be innovative designers, computational thinkers and creative communicators with the generous grant money by PTA. 

    Thursday, December 5th - First Grade Field Trip - Sid Solstice paid for by our PTA. 

    Friday -  Student leaders are inviting all students and parents to dress as their favorite sports figure or where a jersey from their favorite team.  

    Heads up - Tuesday, December 11th we will have an Assembly at 1:15 featuring the Ballard HS Choir. 

    Attached are the after school programs available in January.  Please read carefully.  These are popular classes and can fill up.  If you do need financial support for any of these activities let us know.   The first attachment describes all activities offered at Whittier Elementary,  Many of our activities are run by outside vendors.  You will work directly with the vendor to sign up and pay.  

     Winter ASP Descriptions.pdf 

    The programs below are offered and supported by our staff.  Please bring in completed forms with a check to the front office.   

    Winter After School Recreation 3rd-5th.pdf

    Winter After School Recreation K-2nd.pdf 

     Philosophy for Wildcats.pdf

     Winter Comic-Gamer Club.pdf 

    Winter Ukulele 3-5.pdf

    Winter Ukulele K-2.pdf 

     Winter Kemery - Yoga.pdf 

    We will start collecting these forms Tuesday morning.  

    Thank you for everything and let us know if you have any questions!