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    Date: April 15, 2019
    Facilitator: Anne Richmond
    Temp. Taker: Shannon Mayo
    Time Keeper: Kathleen Roll
    Recorder: Stephanie Clark

    Open Forum

    (Start with celebrations! PAWSITIVES first)

    -Tracy Yetter will let you know if your auction item was purchased?
    -Whittier Kids spent time Golfing and Kindness Pinata
    -Shout Out to Mr. Pule Bike Unit
    -School Supply Discussion (Streamline) 2018-2019 school supply budgets need to be spent by May 1st. Any left- over funds will be used to make our purchase to get us started in the fall. Next year - Could we order as a grade level teams instead of individuals? What do school supplies to third graders need. Make an order for third grade and share the supplies. WE are going to place the supply order list we used last year in your boxes. We would like to have input on what would be helpful on that list.


    (Mission and Vision. *Math Goal *Social/Emotional Goal)

    -FEEDBACK ON WHITTIER “Our (Whittier’s) focus and dedication to instruction and best practice will ensure educational justice for all populations within our school community.
    -We (The Whittier staff) will create a healthy, supportive, and culturally responsive environment for students, families, and staff. The incorporation of 21st century skills and social-emotional learning will guarantee entry points to success for all students.”
    -AWESOME START – not a ton of feedback but here is what BLT discusses.

    -BLT Feedback - What are we referring to with 21st century skills – We would love to see something that addresses challenging or engaging.
    What do you mean by Entry Points to Success…What is the end game…What will it look like when we reach success? Does Entry Point mean differentiation?
    -Approximately 30% of our students are not meeting standard on SBAC in math.
    -Mastertrack Data is difficult to follow as an entire school. However – individual teachers and PLC are using mastertrack effective.
    -Looking at Math Data
    -How do we build the standard up from each grade level?
    -Discussion that Foundational Fluency Skills (Automaticity)

    -Focus: Do we need to focus on the CORE?
    -Tier One: Are we using the balanced math framework?
    -Is it possible to get 75 minutes of math?
    -Are we using the district scope and sequence on Schoolology
    -2nd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Kindergarten – Benchmark – Imbedded in Scopes and Sequence. Pre-Assessment:
    -Mastertrack costs $350 a user. It is a nice tool for communication but is it getting us where we need to be? $5600
    -It was brought forward for communication to Parents: One parent would prefer to see student work – or the actual check point rather than a hand out.
    -A few teachers are using Schoolology or other systems to monitor progress in skills and entering data into Mastertrack to be compliant with the school wide expectation.
    -Decided to survey staff about the Mastertrack and its effectiveness.
    -Are the tutors an effective use of an intervention – why or why not? Positives – we have some outstanding tutors who have worked in the building for years. Some have less experience.
    -Positive – Tutors are able to provide some one on one with students who need it. It is helpful in running small groups.
    -Challenge is to find quality tutor for each teacher at the time they are needed.
    -Challenge: Not time for the tutor and the teacher to talk to reinforce the math concepts needed.
    -Challenge: Not sure the tutors are any different than a parent volunteer in some cases.
    -Ideally we would like to have a full time math interventionist and an intervention period to work with. 
    - Ideally we would like to have a full time math interventionist and an intervention period to work with. 
    -Need someone in charge?
    -No clear answer – do we use the tutors to pull out student groups – push in during student groups – or does it depend.
    -Survey for staff – Should we continue with the tutoring program as is? Cost is approximately 10,000.
    -Should we assign tutors to PLCs and pay them to join a PLC meeting to plan pull out or push in at a grade level?
    -After or Before School Classes: If we continue we need to better define the purpose and the selection process. Kids coming in and out has been challenging.
    -Students of color/ELL students were assigned to the class but didn’t need it. No clear to measure it’s effectiveness
    -Table Social Emotional Goal: Waiting for results from student survey.

    PD for next year


    -Maker Station – Tie in to Math Sense: Math for Love – Math Night – Parent Night
    -Ana Box - More! Balanced Math Framework – Teachers observing each other math class
    -Book Club Number Sense
    -Book Club Mathematical Mindset
    -You Cubed Math – Standford Online Class
    -Homeroom – Grade Book – Schoology Technology
    -Writing Skills – BAW
    -Ryan – Classroom Strategies Specific Behaviors – Avoidance:
    -Professional Development/Time – New for Next Year!
    -Math National Conference – Ana Box

    Review Meeting Minutes & Set Agenda and Roles for next BLT meeting

    Next BLT meeting 5/6